Monday, February 17, 2014

Mansour Koushan ,Iranian writer ,journalist and one of founder of the " Freedom of Expression House " has Died Sunday in Norway !

Mansour Koushan was 65 years old.

He was a writer ,journalist , play rights and a strong supporter and advocate of Freedom of Expression in Iran. After the chain murdering of Iranian writers in Iran by Ministry of Information and its agents and after actively participating in the famous statement of "134 writers" known as " We Are The Writers" , and because of the Ministry of Information agents attempts to silence the Iranian journalists ,writers and politicians  ,Koushan left Iran and resided in Norway where he received international award for his effort on Freedom of Expression and against censorship in Iran.
In the past years i was in touch via email with Mansour Koushan working on the issue of Freedom of Expression in Iran and the " Freedom of  Expression House".
A few years ago when my young son Daniel died in a tragic accident ,Mansour Koushan wrote me a very warm message and sadly i have to write this painful message on his death.
Mr. Koushan died in Norway Yesterday in a long battle against Stomach cancer.
IRAN WATCH CANADA expresses its deep sympathy and condolence to his family and his memories will stay with all of us Iranian ......

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