Thursday, September 30, 2004

My First Post

From now on I am going to post my points of view on Iran on this blog.

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  • 1.Washington was on fire right after the "de-bate" . John Kerry in his first strike "de-bated" world peace chaser , Erruption still continues , which won't stop for a while. George W. ... right after the "de-bated" looked tired , oh.. men he hated debate in front of public so much , instead he liked private debate more than ever,It seemed and the way he looked ,He hated jim Lehrer for those hard question.George had a weary look and appeared to me that he lost weight during that debate. In the future he may loose more and will be lost in the suit.
    2. Iran Watch ,Will closely watch Iran's journalists and press freedom as well as human right's situation and report to you later.
    Until here.

    By Blogger Mori Jex, At 7:57 PM  

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