Tuesday, July 16, 2019

FiFA's Ultimatum To Regime To Allow Women Enter Stadiums Ends Today .....

News from Iran....

Earlier FiFA warned Iran in order to stay in FIFA the sports federation in Iran should allow women to enter The stadiums to watch the games .......

The FIFA ultimatum date ended today . Despite of the warning , the sport federation Of Iran ignored the order and now Iran will face the consequences .

The ignorance and stubbornness of the regime and its sports federation officials against the universality of the world sport by excluding the women from entering the stadium will isolate Iran more from the world games and stages.

The stupidity of the regime and its middle ages religious policy into the sports will rise the temperature among the sports fan in Iran .

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Supports FIFA's decision and demands Regime in Iran to follow FIFA's order and allow women to enter the stadiums and watch their favourite games .

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Four Women Arrested On May Day Rally Are Still In Prison.

News From Iran ....
Evin Prison....

Despite of Bail preparation and the order for their release, these four women arrested on may day rally are still in prison . It was told that ,they are in temporary detention, but there are no news when they are going to be released.

According to news ,  regime accuses them with security charges . 

In the meantime , Amnesty International in a statement demanded for their release .

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Eight Newly Transformed Christians Are Arrested By The Agents Of The Ministry Of Intelligence In The City Of Bushehr .....

News from Iran....

According to the news On first day of July , eight newly transformed christian including five members of a family are arrested in the city of Bushehr by agents of the ministry of intelligence .

The agents entered early in the morning of first day of July in to the homes of these people , searched their homes and took all their personal belonging including computer , Laptop , religious books , wooden cross , Christ's pictures , mobile Phone, ID's and etc.

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End The Violence Against Bahai Elders , Stop The Closure Of Bahai Elders Home In The City Of Karaj....

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Friday, July 05, 2019

End The Violence Against Bahai Señor In Iran .

According to news Islamic regime in Iran continues harassing the Bahai people including the Bahai señor in Iran.

News indicates that , regime agents are closing Bahai señor homes in many cities including one in Karaj city.

In this video a señor Bahai women by reading a poem calling the regime official that , they are also Iranian and human beings .

Watch the video here:

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Picture shows my writing on my Facebook wall about this and defending the Bahai Señor in Iran.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Arash Sadeghi The Political Prisoner IN Rejai - Shahr Prison Need Immediate Medical Attention And Must Be Released From Prison...

News From Iran ....

According to news Arash Sadeghi the political prisoner of Rejai-Shahr prison had bone cancer surgery and need immediate medical attention.
According to doctors , he needs a place where he can rest and go under constant medical treatment and medical monitoring.

He should be out of prison condition and need to eat well , rest without tension , and continue his chemotherapy , if not there is a 70 percent chance the cancer will return .

Because of being with other prisoner in a room without hygiene , he notices inflammation in his hands and ......


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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Regime's Agents Are searching the Homes And Businesses Of The Bahai's In Shahin Shahr ..........

News From Iran ......
Iran Wire ....

According to this news, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence accompanied by police forces of the Shahin Shahr has started searching the homes and businesses of the Bahais in the city . 

More than 10 homes and businesses of Bahai's in Shahin Shahr close to Isfahan were searched 

The agents by showing a letter  from the ministry of justice entered home and businesses in the city and took the belongings of the people .

during the search they have taken people's belonging such as birth certificate, passport , National I.D. cards , drivers license , computers , flash drives , religious symbols and pictures . In two particular search of a barbershop and a book binding business the agents have taken all supplies and tools and did not return these items to the people.

When asked why they are doing this , one agent said , its because of being Bahai. 

IRAN WATCH CANADA : This is inhuman and must be stopped. 

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Nazanin Zaghari On Her 10th Days Of Hunger Strike In Prison ....

Nazanin Zaghary's husband says: because of her hunger strike , Nazanin was taken into the interrogation room and the interrogators told her she has to spend her sentences in its entirety . She said , she is innocent and continues her hunger strike . In the meantime her husband also continues his protest in front of the Islamic regime embassy in London.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

30 Professors Of Social Science Department Of The Tehran University demanded for the Release Of Ms. Marzieh Amiri From Prison.....

News from Iran ....

30 professor of Tehran University in Social Science department in an open letter to minister of science  demanded for the release of Marzieh Amiri from prison and requested for transparency in the case.

Ms. Amiri is student of social science in Tehran University and she was arrested on may day rally of workers in front of the parliament . She has spent 46 days in prison since her arrest and since the final exams of the term is close , we demand for her release.

On May day rally several others have been arrested , some are released and there are still two others excluding Ms. Amiri are in prison and they are : Atefeh Rangriz and Neda Naji.


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