Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sahar Behest The Sister Of Satar Behest ( The Iranian Blogger Who Was Killed Inside Evin Prison) And Her Husband Are Arrested .....

According to HRANA report , On the annual commemoration event of Satar Beheshti on Friday ,  regime agents prevented people who have tried to attend at Satar's Father home to celebrate Satars life and to mourn for his lost .
Sahar and her mother

The agents closed the alley where the event was going to be held  and also prevented people from going to the alley . They also took photo and film from people entering the house .
The report also added that; Sahar Beheshti and her husband were also"  beaten and arrested " and were transferred in an unknown location .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Satar Beheshti was the Iranian worker and blogger who was arrested ,detained and then killed in the prison under torture.



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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Olympic Silver Medalist Feyisa Lilesa Didn’t Return to Ethiopia After Act of Protest

There are reports he may seek asylum in the U.S.

Ethiopian marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa, who made headlines at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Sunday for an act of protest while crossing the finish line, will not returnto his home country over fears of reprisal.
Lilesa, who won the silver medal, was not on board the flight carrying Ethiopia’s Olympic contingent to the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, Monday night, Agence France-Presse reported. Ethiopian officials neither mentioned his medal — one of the country’s eight at the games — nor answered any questions about him.
The 26-year-old athlete crossed his arms above his head at the finish line on Sunday and did so again at a postrace awards ceremony, a gesture used to condemn the government’s violent crackdown on protests in the East African nation’s Oromo region, from where he hails. The Ethiopian government subsequently said Lilesa would be given a hero’s welcome and not face any punishment, but he is apparently taking no chances, with reports suggesting he may try to seek asylum in the U.S.
“He doesn’t want to go to Ethiopia, he wants to go to another country,” the runner’s agent, Federico Rosa, told the New York Times. “I don’t know even when he decided to do this,” he added.
The Internet has rallied behind Lilesa, with a crowdfunding campaign raising more than $100,000 for him.
“You don’t do something like this for money,” Rosa said. “He did this to defend his country.”

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Amir Hossein Maghsoudlou ( Amir Tatlou ) The Iranian underground Singer Is Arrested .......

Fars news wrote: An underground singer is arrested due to insulting the investigator of his case file .

Amir Hossein M , is arrested because of insulting the investigator ( Mr. Bijan Ghasemzadeh) of his case file in a voice clip he released.

According to report he is arrested on Tuesday .

 This is not his  first time to be arrested , two years ago he was arrested and was released by writing a remorse letter .


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Several People Are Arrested In Iran for using mobile program such as Telegram, Instagram , Whats App.....

Radio Zamaneh-

According to a news a group of  people have been arrested in relation to using mobile program such as Telegram, instagram , Watsapp and .....

The website known as " Gerdab " ( Whirlpool ) which is run by " Sepah" intelligence reported that , 450 people are arrested in relation to what they wrote as " organized crime " .

The arrests and detention of bloggers and internet users are common under Islamic regime.

According to this report , those arrested were managing the social mobile networking such as WhatsApp , Instagram , Telegram and .......

According to the report , those arrested have committed crime against , religious belief and the Islamic sacred .....

The " Gerdab"  website also threatened the internet users for arrest and punishment.


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Monday, August 22, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran and Injustices Over Justice .............Justice for Attaullah Rezvani The Bahai Citizen Who was Killed Three Years Ago....

Three years have passed since the assassination style killing of Attaullah Rezvani an innocent man, a father and an Iranian Bahai who after a day of work was walking at night in the city of Bandar Abbas, when an assailant fired the gun and shot and killed him .

Attaullah Rezvani with family members

After three years the police forces of the regime are unable to find the assailant or assailants .

The killing was reported in IRAN WATCH CANADA three years ago .

The regime officials instead of looking for the assailants and to bring justice to the case, instead asking victims family members to keep silence .


 Bahai's are under constant threat and target of the regime thugs . They are also being continuously   threatened  by Friday prayer or other regime officials from the official podiums .

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Where is Golro Rahemipour , The Baby Girl Who Was Born 32 Years ago in Evin Prison?????!!!!!

Golro Rahemipour ( a baby girl) was born 32 years ago in Evin prison .  Her father and mother at the time were arrested and soon after arrest she was born in Evin prison .  Soon after her birth despite of attempt by relatives including her aunt to locate or find her , regime denied her existence .
Raheleh Rahemipour at a rally with a placard which read: You have killed my brother Hossein Rahemipour , What have you done with his daughter?!!??
Her mother was released from prison several years after her birth and her father was executed. Her aunt but continued to ask the authorities on her whereabout and her continued questions angered the regime officials and intelligent agents , until recently she was summoned to prosecutors office at Evin prison and now there are speculation that she has been threatened for arrest .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: This is the situation of the oppositions in the Islamic regime .


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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Voice Tape About The Mass Killing of Iranian Political Prisoners in 1986-7 ......The Meeting Between Ayatollah Montazeri And The Judges who have ordered for The Killings .....

Ali Motahari
In recent week a voice tape was released by late Ayatollah Montazeri's office about the mass killings of the political prisoners inside the Islamic regime prisons between 1986-87 after the end of the war between Iraq and Iran . This voice tape is a conversation about the mass killing between Ayatollah Montazeri and the death judges. Which brought more anger from various Iranian opposition political group and the Iranian people . Because of this , the Islamic regime parliament also reacted about the tape. For example Ali Motahari the deputy to the parliamentary speaker in this regard said:
Khavaran Cemetery - Where many mass killing political prisoners are secretly buried 

" The situation is not clear for us , so it is better  Mr. Nayeri , Mr. Younesi and Mr. Pour Mohammadi who were part of the event to explain and to clarify the situation for people and of course if there were mistakes / shortcoming in the trial process to ask apology  ."

Mr. Motahari also said: " But in general our revolution compare to others revolutions was more  softer / more kinder towards the oppositions ." ?????!!!!!


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