Sunday, November 15, 2020

COVID 19 Took The Lives Of 40,000 Iranian And 726,585 people Have Tested Positive And 27 provinces Are On Red Alert .....

 The situation in Iran is RED when it comes to Corona virus. 

The reports we read on Iranian newspaper in Farsi about corona Virus is very bad and major citys are still on red alerts ....and every day more than 400 people lose their life in battle with COVID 19.

On Thursday the newspapers reported that , the number of the dead cases surpassed 40,000 people .

And the number of cases are 726,585 and 27 provinces are on Red alert.

IRAN WATCH CANADA : This regime is not focused on controlling Corona Virus and is unable to manage the situation. 

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Iran Under Islamic Regime : 400 Years Imprisonment And 787 Lashes For Human Rights Defenders In Iran .......

 News On Iran ....

The latest reports from human rights organization shows that , 53 human rights defenders has been sentenced to 400 years of imprisonment and 787 lashes. 

The human rights organization reported a summary of what had happened on human rights defenders in Iran in 1019-2020. 

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Monday, November 02, 2020

Bi Bi Zahra Bakhtiyari , Grand Mother Of Pouya Bakhtiyari : Yestaerday The Security Agents Of Regime Kidnapped My Son .....

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Bi Bi Zahra is the grand mother of Pouya Bakhtiyari . Pouya is one of the victim of the Nov. uprising in Iran who was killed by regime . Pouya's father was arrested four months ago because he did not keep silence as he was told by the security forces of the regime and went on air by video's or TV's interviews condemning the killing of his son and calling for justice . But , now Bi Bi Zahra's another son Mehrada who left home to buy bread for her mom was kidnapped by regime security forces. 

In this video she talks about the kidnapping ....

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Islamic Republic of Iran is a state of terror .......

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Letter By Iranian Writers To International Pen : Help Release The Imprisoned Iranian Writers

 A group of Iranian writers in a letter to International Pen, requested Pen to demand from regime in Iran for the immediate release of their colleagues and members of Iranian writers Association from prison . 

Those writers in prison are: Bektash Abtin, Reza Khandan Mahabadi , Keyvan Bajen and Khosro Sadeghi Brojeni ( a well known researcher on social issues and a journalist  ) ....

These writers are imprisoned in recent months and regime charged them with propagating against Islamic regime and acting against national security.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

COVID 19 And The Mismanagement Of Islamic Regime Made The Whole Country On Red Alert .....


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Friday, September 18, 2020

Iran Deputy Health Minister : The Whole Country Is In RED Alert Situation....

Deputy health minister of Iran said : Colour categorization has no more meaning in Iran Covid 19 cases , the whole country is in RED alert. If this situation continues we will have 45,000 death. He added : Corona explosion has already began in several cities. 


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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Despite Of Warning By Amnesty International ,Many Other International Organizations And Personalities, The Islamic Regime In Iran This Morning Executed Navid Afkari The Iranian Wrestling Champion..


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Friday, September 11, 2020

World Wide Solidarity With Nasrin Sotoudeh The Iranian Lawyer And Human Rights Defender ....

 World wide solidarity with Nasrin Sotoudeh the Iranian lawyer and human rights defender who is on hunger strike in prison. 

Artists ,writers and film personalities are displaying the sign FREE NASRIN in solidarity with imprisoned lawyer and human rights defender who is on hunger strike.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: World needs more human rights Advocate &activists to stand against cruelty of oppressors around the world . World needs more Martin Luther King , Nelson Mandela and Nasrin Sotoudeh's fight against cruelty , inequality , and for Freedom and Justice around the world .....Hope the world will wake up to human values which we don't have anymore....

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