Friday, March 16, 2018

Iran : The Wave Of Protest By Workers , Farmers , Students And Women ( Le, Miserable ) Are Growing And The Corrupt Regime Is Unable To Manage The Situation ......

Iranian people are fed up from this illegitimate regime. Protest by le miserable is almost every day . And as a result of these protests , regime security forces have arrested hundreds of Iranian from various field of occupation including farmers , workers , unemployed graduates , women fighting against hijab and for their rights , teachers ....the situation is bringing Iranian from all walks of life into the protest and resistance against regimes brutalities. It is very difficult to monitor almost everything that is happening in Iran nowadays ....hundreds have been arrested and many are on hunger strike inside the prison.

At the same time, the government as well as regime officials from various faction are blaming each other for the corruption that is going on in side the regime . And the people have lost trust to this regime and are calling the regime officials as thieves ......

This situation , bringing more people into the street ....Iran is facing yet another uprising in near future....

The picture below shows the farmers from Isfahan province for shortage of water into their land protesting against Friday prayer imam ......


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Friday, March 09, 2018

Subway workers of sixth line staged protest on delaying their salary ....They chanted give back our money ...even the police officer a colonel in support of workers demanded the employer to pay the workers money ...........Because of not receiving their money , workers covered the metro entrance with mud ......

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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Iranian women gathered in front of labour ministry in Tehran and many other parts in Iran celebrating the international women's day ......Chanting for freedom

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Our enemy is here, but they only say it's America .....................protest by workers in Iran growing daily......

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Clashes Between Unemployed Young Iranian at the Karoon Industrial Cultivation Company with Riot Police Forces Of The Islamic Regime in Iran who used tear gas to disperse the workers......The Islamic Regime In Iran Is Going to face yet its biggest protest in the future , this time , its the poor workers , labourers , teachers , transit workers and farmers and farm labourers , the women........In short , Les Miserable .......

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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Victims’ Families[1]: Searching for Truth & Justice[2]


Victims’ Families[1]: Searching for Truth & Justice[2]

Following several peaceful demonstrations between June 15 to June 21 in 1981, led by some opposition organizations and supporters of Aboul-Hassan Banisadr (Iran’s first elected president, who was dismissed from his position on June 21, 1981 by the hardliners), the IRI started massive organized attacks against opposition parties, trade unions, women’s’ and students’ groups, and even professional associations (Bar Association, Writers Association, etc.). Tens of thousands of political and social activists were arbitrarily arrested. They disappeared for months and, in many cases, for years[3]
Soon after the all-out repression and the reign of terror, the families of political prisoners and the disappeared gathered in front of the detention centers, prisons, and judiciary buildings to obtain information about their loved ones. They learned through hard experience that if and when the authorities admitted the arrests and revealed the location of prisoners, it would become more difficult for them to kill the detainees. Thus, despite all the threats and assaults by the prison authorities, they continued to show up in front of the detention centers demanding answers to their questions and whereabouts of the prisoners. 
The gatherings of the victims’ families became a venue to exchange information they acquired at their visitations with their loved ones and/or from other sources. It also became a place for them to pour out worries about the fate of their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, espouses.[4] common pains and concerns drew the families closer together. 
In the beginning of the 80s, families’ efforts were mostly limited to personal initiatives, as any collective actions or initiatives were severely punished.[5]

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

What did Iran lost and what did gain during the past 39 years of Iranian Revolutionary Guards’s regime?

What did Iran lost and what did gain during during the past 39 years of Iranian Revolutionary Guards’s regime?

A simple answer would be : 
Iranian people lost a secular dictator like Shah to a Religious Dictator like velayat Faqieh - of Khamenei 
Lost a  secular police state ( SAVAK ) society to a radical religious revolutionary Guard society

Women have lost a lot in the revolution …Religious state is not good at all not for anyone particularly for women …the religious state deprive the women from their basic human and social rights … during the Shah there was no dress code for men and women  , women were free what to wear but by the revolution they are forced to Hijab ….they lost their basic social rights .

People have lost social freedom , this does not mean they had political freedom ,no…. because in both regime there is no political freedom , no freedom of press , no freedom to have political parties and free election ……

Both regime based on one man state police . People sovereignty is lost in both regime . 

By revolution Iranian people took one step forward by removing the Shah’s dictatorship , but when Khomeini created his own police state again , this time people were pushed two step backward ….

Its hard to answer this question in a simple lost or gain . 39 years ago , the oppressed Iranian people rose against a dictator , the shah , who have created a totalitarian regime , keeping all the power in his hand  ( after the coup by CIA and MI6 in 1953 against Nationalist Government of Mossadeq  a liberal democratic Government  with parliamentary democracy )  and  SAVAK as the backbone of Shahs’ security state police . There was no political opposition or political party as opposition in Iran . Shah had created two political party who participate in a show of democracy and election in a controlled parliament by not true representation. The Shah had deaf ear on people’s cry for freedom and political development in Iran . The Regime of Shah was a secular state , acted as the gendarme of the region supported by US and western allies against the “ soviet Union “ and the rise of communist and socialist and even nationalist inside Iran .  

Iranian people have lost 39 years of their life so far in a very harsh life , in a dark religious time ……As the Europ has gone through for almost 1000 years during the medieval time with church state ……. 
Iranian people could avoid going through this religious period but it was forced to them by the regime of Shah and their own mistake trusting khomeini and of course the influence of the western country for opposing an open society in the middle east  . 

So …With the experience the Iranian people have , they are going  through this transition period from a religions state to a secular modern parliamentary democracy i hope …..

And i want to end my answer to this question with this : No Country at this modern era in the middle east and elsewhere should go through this experience of Iranian people. The state and religion must be separated and clergies must return to their mosques .  

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Narges Mohammadi The Vice President Of the Centre For Human Rights Defenders In Iran .....More than 1000 days in Prison for defending human rights in Iran....

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What a dangerous man was my father !? .......Picture showing Kavous Seyed Emami collecting bottles and plastics from the area .....

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Police has arrested Azam Jangravy from Revolution Square in Tehran and took her away one knows her whereabouts .....No fear of arrest and detention these brave Iranian women continue their struggle against compulsory Hijab .....

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