Friday, January 13, 2023

Ghazal Rangekesh, a young girl who lost her sight in her right eye as a result of being shot by government agents in Bandar Abbas, Iran

------ IRAN WATCH CANADA: We Iranian know our feeling toward this Iranian girl and toward the Islamic regime. Now i would like to ask you: How do you feel when you read the story of this young beautiful girl?

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Saturday, January 07, 2023

Protest Continues In Iran......

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Islamic Regime In Iran Hanged Two More Protesters This Morning .....

Islamic regime hanged two more protesters this morning , those hanged are :Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini.
Both this protesters were arrested during the protest in Karaj city on the 40th commemoration day of Ms. Hadis Najafi a young protester who was also killed. Iran Watch Canada: By executing the protesters ,Regime is trying to bring fear among protesters not to join the protest. According to one report , regime has arrested more then 100,000 protesters via locating their cell phone. Regime by killing Iranian people trys to stay longer on power. Despite all of this , the protest continues in Iran ......

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Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas In Iran ........Be Our Voice ......

22 Dec. 2022 ***** The number of people killed by regime so far since september 22,2022: 553 people ***** 78 childeren under 18 years old ***** number of women killed : 65 ******* Number of people sentenced to death: 83****** Number of protesters arrested and detained : More the 18,000

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Islamic Regime In Iran Executed 2nd Protester This Morning ....Lives Of All Protesters Are In Great Danger.....

Stop Execution In Iran ! This Young Man 23 year old, a protester was hanged this morning in the Mashhad city . Seven am regime security forces called his family and told them , their son is hanged and burried and told the family were their son was buried giving the location ,so the family can attend. We Iranian face this kind of regime.
To stop further "execution therapy" in Iran, you are able to play a crucial role. Just contact your MP or officials in your country to condemn the Iranian regime's heinous behavior of executing protestors. Act now and encourage others to do the same. These names are under sentence of death in Iran Please accept the political sponsorship of one of these people So that the Iranian regime will not be able to execute these young people because of your political support
************* behrad kenari, saman seydi, reza shaker zavardehi, javad zargaran, mohamadamin akhlaghi, seyedmohamad hoseyni, shayan charani, mahdi mohamadi, soheyl khoshdel, ariyan farzamnia, amirmohamad jafari, amirmahdi shokrollahi, ali rakhshani, mohamad rakhshani, saeed yaghoobi, saleh mirhashemi, abdosattar zolfaghari, mohamad boroghani, abolfazl mehrihoseynhaji, mohsen rezazade ghoraghloo, saeed shirazi, manoochehr mehmannavaz, milad armoon, behrad hesari, mahdi jahani, naskooh nikkhah, mohamad pasandian, hoseyn gharehasanloo, hamid gharehasanlo, farzane gharahasanloo, sahandnoormohamadzade, akbar ghaffari, parham parvari, mahan sadaratmadani, mohamadmahdi karami, ali moazzamigoodarzi, mohsen hashemzehi, mohamad boroghani, mohamad ghobadloo, hoseyn mohamadi, amir nasrazadani, reza aria,

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Islamic Regime In Iran Is Planning To Execute These young Iranian Protesters ...You Can Stop It.....

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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Tomaj Salehi An Iranian Rapper's Life Is In Danger .....

Tomaj Salehi a young 31 years old Iranian rapper, who's lyric are critical to the Islamic regime is arrested and detained and his life is in danger . Tomaj was arrested last month and currently in prison and regime denied a lawyer to defend him . Up until now 464 protesters from 26 provinces in Iran are killed by regime forces and more than 18 to 20,000 protestyers are arrested and detained . More than 60 childeren are Among those killed. Regime forces use tear gas , pelotte guns, pistol/ colt, machine guns and Doshka ( a type of military weapon) directly on peaceful protesters .

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Mothers Plea From International Human Rights Organizations To Save Her Son's Life ....

Yasin Seyedi's mom plea from international human rights organization to save her son's life. Yasin is also one of the protesters who is going to be executed and his life is in danger. Yasin's mom in a video clip Said: Hello people , i am the mother of Saman Seyedi known as Yasin Seyedi. They sentenced my son to death. They denied my son to have a lawyer .I call human rights and people to help save the life of my son. Where in the world a person's life can be taken away for burning a garbage bin . My son is an artist and he is not a rioter. Please help me stop the execution of my son.
Iran Watch Canada: Help this mother and all of us and stop this execution by being our voice and being the voice of this mother.

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Islamic Regime In Iran Executed first Protester......Expel Regime Ambassadors from your countries.

News coming from Iran indicate that , Islamic regime in Iran have executed first protester this morning . All Iranian inside and outside Iran protesting to bring this criminal regime down, were shocked, when heard this morning regime killed Mohsen Shekari, a young 23 years old protester .Mohsen did not believe when security forces came to take him for execution . According to news ,people in Tehran were walking on foot towards Mohsen's home in Satarkhan St. when they heard the news.According to latest news there are more than 20,000 protesters are detained and their lives are in great danger. Its now the 82 days of protest since the start of protest after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 13. Regime selected several protesters for execution among them Ali Moazemi . Ali Moazemi is a 20 year old youn Iranian protester and regime is planning to hang him tomorrow.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Iranian who wants this regime toppled are connected with one feeling , they get hopefull when protesters inside and outside Iran continue their protest to bring this regime down and get sad when the regime overcome the protesters and suppresses the protesters. Iran is a unit of Fire nowadays. Save the life of Ali Moazami !
Iranian are tired of the western countries just releasing statement to condemn this criminal regime , they need action to expel regime ambassadors .

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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Latest News About Niloofar Hamedi And Elaheh Mohammadi Two Iranian Journalists in Prison....

Masoud Setayeshi the spokesperson for Judiciary Power in a news conference on Nov.8,22 in response to a question by a reporter, about the two journalists of Sharq and Ham-Mihan ( Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi ) on what charges they were arrested? Said : These two people were accused of conspiracy and collusion with the intention of committing a crime against national security and propaganda activity against the state and they are in prison with a temporary arrest warrant. End/

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