Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The head of the Tehran appeal court: No political motive in Zahra Kazemi's court file !

Tuesday Sep. 27/ 05
News update on Zahra Kazemi's case in court
gooya news online reporting from "ILNA"
The head of the Tehran appeal courts : No political motive in Zahra Kazemis court file !
Tehran - ILNA reports
The head of the appeal courts in the province of Tehran said : There was no political motive in Zahra Kazemis court file.
Mr. Abdolreza Tabatabaie the head of the appeal court in response to the question that, since Canada believe that there is a political motive behind Zahra Kazemis court file and because of this the Canadian government plan to introduce a human rights resolution against Iran , what would be your reaction ? said : We are reviewing this court file by judicial viewpoint and not political.
End of the news
Link to this news in Persian :

More on Zahra Kazami from previous report:
On Monday May 16 / 2005 Tehran's appeal court division # 34 will review Zahra Kazemi's file. Prior to that Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer for Zahra Kazemi's family in speaking with ILNA's reporter said :Since this file is a criminal file and the primary court is not competence , therefore the matter should be dealt in criminal court.
Link to this news in Persian:

More on Zahra Kazemi from previous report:

Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Abdolfatah Soltani, Seyed Mohammad Seifzadeh and Shireen Ebadi are the lawyer for the family of Zahra Kazemi ,they have issued a statement and demanded from the public relation of the Tehran judiciary by appointing a special prosecutor who is independent from Tehrans public prosecutors office and by ordering for re-enactment of the crime scene by using professionals and information take an effective step for truth finding.
Based on the information there are several soldiers who have witnessed the murdering and Beside the place is monitored by video cameras which could be used for re-enactmentand.........
More Link to this news in Persian:

If you would like to see images of Zahra Kazemi , please see this link:


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Monday, September 26, 2005

Mr. Ahmad Saraji a weblog writer whos life is in great danger!

Monday Sep. 26,2005
News in brief- Tabriz news ,human rights section
The life of a blogger is in great danger !
The life of " Mr. Ahmad Saraji " a blogger from the city of Tabriz who is now in Tabriz central prison is in great danger !
He has been accused of " publicity against the system " and was arrested on Wednesday June 29, 2005 and now is detained in centran prison in the city of Tabriz.
While in prison , he has been attacked by people. people threatened Mr. Saraji that at midnight they will cut his wrist to shaw that he commit suicide .

Mr. Ahmad Saraji is 38 years old , he has also managed many other weblog, he is a graduate of industrial management from Tabriz Free University . As he said , he was arrested first 2 years ago on the charges of " publicity against the system " and ... and was charged in division # 4 of the primary court in Tabriz for 6 months in detention. This weblog writer since his arrest until recent days was in " temporary " cell in Tabriz prison together with murderers, drug dealers and theifs. The mental and physical situation of the mother of this weblog writer who is 72 years old after hearing the news about her son and the attempt to kill him is worsening.
End of the news

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

People want to know ! Hands off journalists!

Sunday Sep. 25, 2005
News in brief - Update on Kurdish journalists

Two Kurdish journalists have been charged !

The division # 4 of the public prosecutor's office in the city of Sanandaj has charged the two Kurdish journalists.
The two journalists were arrested during the unrest throughout Kurdistan province and their name is :
Mr. Ajlal Ghavami
Mr. Saeed Saedi

They are still in Sanandaj city prison.
Mr. Abas Jamali the lawyer for the pair has said that : We are still looking forward to see the developement in this two court files. He said that he has visited his clients and they are fine.


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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Is Akbar Ganji okay ? If yes where is he ? What has happened to him ?

Saturday Sep. 24, 2005
News in brief - Update on Ganji
Picture -Ganji's wife, Masumeh Shafiei

What has happened to Ganji ? Letter from Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's wife ) to the head of judiciary power
In her letter she wrote :
" I am writing this letter while can't sleep because i am worried and the reason for that is because i do not have any news and also the shocking rumors about the life and health of my husband. I am certain that this letter won't be ansewered but i am doing it because i have no other choice. the little faith that i had because of the way you dealt with the justice made me to non-beliver .............A power forcing me to take the pen in my hand . The last time that I met my sick imprisoned husband was on Friday Aug. 26 , 2005 ,since then I do not have any news from him , the worried and questioning eyes of my daughter and the heart broken mother of my husband is agonizing me, although i have gone through all legal channel still i can't lay rest, the best time of my life and of my children has been spent in separation , worry, tears, sighs , pray and anticipation . many times It has come to my mind that if Akbar Ganji did not have a critical mind, if he was busy with making illegal money , if from the first day of imprisonment he had written only " a sentence " , if instead of reading and researching he would have done things that were immoral , if he was thinking of reaching to a position .... and if .... for sure he himself and his family were not this much affectionless.
Honourable Mr. Shahrudi !
In the name of law and as the head of judiciary power you are obliged to answer to me as a citizen and the wife of a prisoner who has human and legal rights , now law excempt you from not responding to me. My husband is in a prison that is under your direct supervision . If he has done any crime he must be dealt with law, no law will explain the behaviour of the judiciary power with him and torturing his family.
This letter goes on about the way the judiciary power handles the case of Akbar Ganji and at the end she requested from the public to demand a response from Mr. Shahrudi.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A university professor of communication in Iran: So the least reaction to this is to ban Amanpoor's activity in Iran !

Wednesday Sep. 21,2005
News in brief from "Baztab" online:

Baztab online reported that : The Ministry of culture and Guidance must not keep silence with an insult by Christian Amanpoor to the president !

A university professor of communication in speaking with Baztab newspaper have said : The performance of a journalist from CNN in an interview with Dr. Ahmadinezhad who is the president of a great country like Iran with a great civilization is out of the ethics of journalism and is showing that her performance is a personal position against the president.
This university professor in continuation added that : "The way of seating and the hand and facial movements of Amanpoor and the usage of dictions in calling president was completely out of the professional frame and this performance from an experienced journalist like Amanpoor who have done many interviews with tens of world personalities is intentional and is an insult to president and we must not keep silence to this ".
She asked questions like participation in terrorism and aggression from the president which there are no reason and document for it. Dissemination of these kind of accusation in front of CNN camera and in front of millions of people around the world even in American court can be prosecuted.
This professor said : Based on personal problem of this journalist on the decisive answer of president Ahmadinezhad about social freedoms which made her to leave the press conference , she was humiliated and was waiting for compenstion.
The professor continued : " The impolite and unprofessional principle of Ms. Amanpoor for not using the title and name of the uinterviewee in 90 % of her questions and by using an insulting way like " Do you understand " for the president and her accusing tune in many subjects and in as many as six questions and calling for the end of the time to Dr. Ahmadinezhad was not usual among interviewing presidents and therefore the Ministry of guidance must not keep silence about this , so the least reaction to this is to ban Amanpoor's activity in Iran.
He then said : Since this was the first interview of Iran's new president by international media, it brought big credit for CNN and Amanpoor and Amanpoor's impudence acts showed that we must be more cautious in dealing with western media.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

An investigative journalist from Baztab newspaper was forced to resign !

Tuesday Sep. 20,2005
News in brief from the site of "Baztab" (

An investigative journalist from Baztab newspaper was forced to resign !

Because of reporting news about the violation by members of city council and the officials of the municipality in Karaj , The reporter of Baztab in this city was forced to resigne from his job.
According to one of our reporter , An accused to economic corruption charges , used his power and brought pressure to officials in the municipality for the dismisal of " Baztab " reporter and was able to force him to resign.
The reporter of Baztab in his statement wrote: " I have made a covenant agreement with my godand the pen that in future I will spend my time by informing the people with nothing but the truth and in this path I will use all my resources and as well as my life.At this time from a corner of this city i will be watching the oppressed people of this city ".
At the end of his letter he wrote " In protest to the illegal activities of the officials in the municipality , I resign from the newspaper".
The name of the journalist was not reported.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Latest news on Ganji and Zahra Kazemi's court file

Wed. Sep. 14,2005
News update on Akbar Ganji from Baztab online:

Mr. Karimi Rad the spokesperson for judiciary power has announced that : " We have spent 16 million Tuman ( 700 Tuman = 1 Canadian Dollar ) for Akbar Ganji's medical needs"

On Zahra Kazemi's case he said :
" Our colleagues have come to conclusion and have decided on this file but it is not yet the right time to anounce the decission but I will announce the result to the public".

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Lives of four Kurdish Iranian and another Iranian in the city of Ahvaz is in great danger , They are going to be executed !

Tuesday Sep. 13,2005
News in brief - reports from Amnesty International

Photo shows the lifeless body of Shovaneh Ghaderi

Lives of 4 Iranian Kurdish is in great danger , They are going to be executed according to Amnesty International report. Also Mr. Mehdi Gharibkhanian Ghamrudi is going to be executed on Sep. 18 in the southern city of Ahvaz.
1- Abubaker Mirzaie- ghaderi ,from the city of Bukan , Accusation : Member of Kurdistan Democratic Party
2- Osman Mirzaie - ghaderi , from the city of Bukan, Accusation : member of Kurdistan Democratic Party
3- Ghader Ahmadi , From the city of Bukan, Accusation : Kurdistan Democratic Party
4- Jahangir Badozadeh, he is in Orumieh city prison
Unrest in Kurdistan province started when one of kurdish political activist by the name of Shovaneh Ghaderi was murdered. Since then many Kurdish cities started rallies and as a result many more were killed and arrested. In addition human rights advocates also were arrested and currently are in prison. On Sep. 3 a Kurdish by the name of Esmail Mohammadi , Member of Kumeleh Party was executed and following to that another person with the name of Mohammad Panjvani
member of Agrisor was also executed. Amnesty International is fearing that the Iranian Authority will murder more Kurdish people.

Write to the following Address:
Iranian Interests Section2209 Wisconsin Ave NWWashington DC 20007Phone: 202 965 4990Fax: 202 965 1073

Amnesty International Ask you to send your protest letter to Iranian officials .
Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Ganji's wife ( Masumeh Shafiei) :Akbar Ganji is in a special cell in Evin prison !

Mon. Sep. 12, 2005
Photo by IWC - CJFE international award given to investigative journalist Akbar Ganji on 2000 is still hanging on CJFE 's office wall.
iran-emrooz reports from Radio Farda :
News Update on Ganji:
Masumeh Shafiei ( Akbar Ganji's wife ) wrote a letter to general secretary of United Nation ( Kufi Annan) about the situation of Ganji
Akbar Ganji is in a special cell in Evin prison !
Akbar Ganji the writer in protest , after a long hunger strike and hospitalization in Milad hospital, was transfered to Evin prison again . His wife ( Masumeh Shafiei ) says that the prison officials with the order of public prosecutor prevented her visiting . It is said that he has been kept in a special cell in Evin prison and the prison officials has no control on his fate.
Radio Farda: Masumeh Shafiei wife of journalist Akbar Ganji in a letter to Kufi Annan demanded that he will personally interven and ask from the Islamic Republic officials for his freedom.
She said to a reporter from Radio Farda that : " Unfortunately in this week that he was transfered to Evin , every day we went to see him but they did not let us and said that we need a permission from public prosecutor ...........

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shireen Ebadi: Human Rights advocates are always under oppression!

Sat. Sep. 10,2005
iran-emrooz .net reporting from Tabriz news .
Picture -Shireen Ebadi and Zahra Kazemi's mom

Three years anticipation for recieving licence!
Shireen Ebadi : Human rights advocates are always under oppression !
Shireen Ebadi :" Its been three and a half years that we are waiting to recieve the licence for the "Association of Human Rights Defenders ". The request started when the reformist government of " Dialogue of civilization " was in charge.
Shireen Ebadi known as "madam peace" and is the president of AHRD . She is also one of the founding member of AHRD.
"Around three and a half years ago we applied for licence from the ministry of interior . up to now our association is without licence and we dont know why they delay in issuing the licence for the Association of Human Rights Defenders , although , according to constitution having an association is free but we thought it would be better to have a licence issued , despite of all we have continued our activities without licence . "
" Our association is a member of the International Federation of Human Rights Associations . The headquarter of this federation is in Paris and more than 90 country are members. Two years after our request from the ministry of interior and when we did not recieved any reply , we became the member to this federation ".
" Our mission is : 1-To protest violastion of human rights2- Defending political prisoners free of charge3- Help families of political prisoners. In this regard at least 2 statements/ week have been issued and more than 300 cases of students, journalists , writers and social/political activists have been defended free of charge by association members........."

This was prepared by Peyman Pakmehr a journalist in Tabriz ( )

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Mohammad Reza Nasababdollahi ( a bloger) : I wish that Mojtaba ( A bloger ) be released !

Sat. Sep.10,2005
News in brief, Rooz online( reports.
Picture of Mohammad Reza Nasababdollahi

Two bloger , One inside and the other one outside prison!
Mohammad Reza Nasababdollahi was in prison before but now he is released and he is a friend of Mojtaba Saminezhad who is currently in prison . Mr. Nasababdollahi says :" I wish that Mojtaba be released" .
Aparently , Mr. Nasababdollahi talks by phone with Mojtaba : " When I spoke with Mojtaba Saminezhad by phone from the other side of prison bars , I didn't know what to do, I was between sorrow and happiness, while in prison he congratulate my release ".
" I was feeling like going to be soffucated , I never liked to hear Mojtabas voice in this situation, I'll be outside the prison and him inside, Although , no freedom can be found outside too. but in any case these days are not easy " .
" I wish , I was hearing your voice outside the prison ..............."
Mojtaba Saminezhad , like Mohammad Reza Nasababdollahi Is a bloger and was accused of " writing insulting articles " in his blog and recently was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.
Mojtaba's brother is in hospital for kidney desease and his mom must deal with many hardship.
" I can't continue more , my body doesn't take it and i am full of sorrow , I wish soon Mojtaba be released " .
Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA
There will come time that there won't be prisoner in Iran and Iranian will remember all this : A bloger was sent to jail because of writing his/ her mind , a writer's book was censored or he/she was arrested because of his/her expression , Journalist Akbar Ganji went on hunger strike because of his investigation and writing into the death of a poet and writer and political personality and ............. "

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Several labour activists have been arrested !

Thursday Sep. 8,2005 reports:
News in brief from Iran
several labour activists have been arrested!
Mr. "Mansur Asanlu" chair of the board of "Syndicate Bus Drivers " have been arrested.
Last night Mr. Mansur Asanlu together with Mr. Abbas Kodaki , Mr. Gholami and Mr. Davoud Nouruzi have been arrested by the police forces.
Based on the complaint by Mr. Teymouri the deputy of the Public Transit Co. Mr. Davoud Nouruzi was arrested by " Sanaie " police station because of this the drivers member of syndicate in protest gathered in "Hafte Tir Square" and then 3three other members also been arrested.
There are no news of their whereabout . They have been arrested without warrant.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mr. Masud Bastani is a journalist and is in a prison in the city of Arak.

Wed. Sep. 7 , 2005
( reports from ILNA .
News in brief :
The court hearing of Mr. Masud Bastani the journalist who is now in Arak prison was held this morning.
Tehran - ILNA
Mr. Masud Bastani have been sentensed to 6 months prison term and he is serving this in Arak prison.

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Islamic Republic of Iran ordered for the closure of a newspaper because it published a poem ......

Thursday Sep. 8,2005
( reports.
News in brief :
The managing director of " Nedaye Azar Abadegan " newspaper have gone to prison !
Based on the news that we have recieved , Managing director of " Nedaye Azar Abadegan "
newspaper, by the order of the judge from division # 12 of the criminal court of Eastern Azarbayjan province, have been arrested.
Mr. Naser Abasi Momtaz the managing director have been arrested on the bases that his newspaper published a Turkish poem about the governor. Mr. Abolfazl Vesali the president of the newspaper said that at the time of printing the poem Mr. Naser Abasi Momtaz had resigned from his post , so there should not be any charge against him , beside the poem was from Mr. Karimi who is a poet from the city of Maragheh and there was no insult to the governor.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ajlal Aghvami ( Kurdish journalist ) , Bina Darab Zand & Behruz Javid Tehrani ( political activists ) are on hunger strike !

Tuesday Sep. 6, 2005
asre-nou online reports:
Picture of Bina Darabzand
Bina Darab Zand ( political analyst , activist and member of Democratic Party of Iran ) who is in Rejai city prison in solidarity with Behruz Javid Tehrani , today Sep. 5 started his hunger strike .
He has been accused of "insulting the leader" . He has been in prison since Aug. 26 of last year
while protesting together with political prisoners family in front of UN office in Tehran-Iran.
Also, Behruz Javid Tehrani ( member of Democratic Party of Iran ) has started his hunger strike since 4 days ago.
In another news Ajlal Ghavami ( Kurdish journalist from the city of Sanandaj ) since Wed. Aug. 31 is in hunger strike .
For more news write to : ( Student committee in defense of political prisoners)

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Akbar Ganji was transfered to Evin prison!

Tuesday Sep. 6,2005 reporting from ISNA - News update on Ganji:
Deputy of the public prosecutor : Akbar Ganji was transfered to the Evin prison!
Mahmood Salarkia deputy of the public prosecutor to prisons management in speaking to ISNA have said: Akbar Ganji have been transfered to Evin prison to serve the rest of his prison term. Milad hospital officials annouced that Ganji has left the hospital with good health condition.
after transfering Ganji to prison his wife accused the judiciary officials of breaching their promises. In speaking with Radio Farda , Mrs. Shafiei ( Ganji's wife ) said : " They have promised that 10 days after the ending of hunger strike he will be released. He has lost 30 kg of his weight. I haven't seen Ganji for about 10 days now. She said that; on Monday she will attend in Evin prison may be she will be able to meet her husband.

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Two Kurdish political activists were executed!

Tuesday Sep. 6, 2005

Two Kurdish political activists were executed!
Esmail Mohammadi in picture

iran-emrooz reporting from sources to the " Kumela" party and "Association of Political Prisoners in Exile" that ; two political prisoners by the name of " Esmail Mohammadi " and " Mohammad Panjvini " on Sat. Sep. 3, 2005 have been executed in the city of Orumieh .
There have been a lot of effort from families of the victimes , friends, political organizations, human rights NGO's and Amnesty International to stop their execution but despite of all the cry the regime carried out the execution.
Esmail Mohammadi was born on 1965 and was living in the city of Bukan , he was married with 5 children . Mohammad Panjvini was accused of being member of a group in Kurdistan called " Agrisor". On Sunday Sep. 4 when the two children of Esmail Mohammadi went to meet their father , they have been given his cloths and belonging plus his will.
there are no much news about Mohammad Panjvini.

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Imprisoned lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani met mom and wife in prison!

Tuesday Sep. 6,2005
News in brief from iran - reporting from ISNA :
News update on Abdolfatah Soltani:
Mohammad Sharif one of the lawyer for Mr.Abdolfatah Soltani in speaking with reporter of ISNA said : The other day my client has met his wife and mom with the presence of an agent inside the prison and spoke that his case is moving slowly and is not been attended.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

After 5 days without news , Ganji's family are worried about his situation!

Thursday Sep. 1, 2005

iran-emrooz online reporting:

News update on Akbar Ganji

After 5 days without news , Ganji's family are worried about his situation !

The last time that i visited Ganji was on Friday Aug. 26 , 2005.

Although the officials promised Ganji that he will be released, but up to now not only he isn't released, his right for his family to visit him is also been violated. In addition to this there are no news from his health condition. Every day I go to Milad hospital to meet him, but they say ; there is no possibility for me to meet him. This situation is making us worried.


Masumeh Shafiei
Aug. 31,2005

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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