Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Arya Aramnejad Iranian Musician and Activist | Please Support This ...

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Human Rights Watch
For Immediate Release
Iran: Fair Vote ImpossibleOpposition Imprisoned, Barred from Running in Parliamentary Elections(New York, March 1, 2012) –
Iran’s parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2, 2012, will be grossly unfair because of arbitrary disqualifications and other restrictions, Human Rights Watch said today. The voting for 290 parliamentary seats follows the disqualification of hundreds of candidates based on vague and ill-defined criteria, and opposition leaders are either barred from participating, serving unjust prison sentences, or refusing to participate in what they consider sham elections.On February 21, the Guardian Council, an unelected body of 12 religious jurists, announced that fewer than 3,500 of the approximately 5,400 candidates running for seats in the majlis, Iran’s parliament, had been approved to run. The Interior Ministry had earlier disqualified about 750 candidates. At least 35 of those disqualified by the Guardian Council are current members of parliament. In response to these and other state actions, Iran’s opposition and reformist movement have called for an election boycott. “Iranian authorities have stacked the deck by disqualifying candidates and arbitrarily jailing key members of the reform movement,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “There is no transparency surrounding the vetting and selection of candidates.”Iran’s vetting process for both parliamentary and presidential candidates involves several stages. The Interior Ministry conducts a first cut of applicants based on criteria set by the election laws. While some of these criteria are concrete, such as age limits and educational requirements, most are extremely vague, enabling authorities to make sweeping and arbitrary decisions. Candidates have four days to appeal the Interior Ministry’s initial decision. Once the ministry compiles its list of “qualified” candidates, the Guardian Council makes the final decision on who may run for election.On January 10, the Interior Ministry’s election commission disqualified several dozen candidates because of their “lack of adherence to Islam and the Constitution.” The disqualified candidates include several incumbents who were critical of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government. One of the disqualified candidates told Human Rights Watch that he received a note from local government authorities on January 10, informing him that he had been disqualified because he was allegedly affiliated with or supportive of “illegal” parties, organizations, or groups. He said the authorities gave him no additional information regarding the reasons for his disqualification, and he decided not to appeal the decision. Human Rights Watch has learned that the latest list of candidates disqualified by the Guardian Council includes several members of the 15 members of the Sunni bloc in parliament. Among those who will no longer be members of parliament are Jalal Mahmoudzadeh and Eqbal Mohammadi, the former and current leaders of the bloc. On December 19, 2011, the faction had sent a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, asking him to protect the political and social rights of Iran’s Sunni minority. Over the past few years, authorities have banned some reformist parties and severely restricted the activities of others. On September 27, 2010, the general prosecutor and judiciary spokesman announced a court order dissolving two reformist political parties, the Islamic Iran Participation Front and the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution. Authorities prevent members of other pro-reform groups, like the Freedom Movement party, from holding gatherings.The Guardian Council disqualifications came after reformist and opposition activists, some of whom are currently serving prison terms, denounced the upcoming elections and concluded that there was no reason to field candidates. On December 26, Fatemeh Karroubi relayed a message from her husband, Mehdi Karroubi, a former presidential candidate who has been under house arrest, calling the elections “a sham.” Several days later, the Iranian judiciary announced that calls for a boycott of the elections constituted “a crime.” On January 17, Saham News, a website affiliated with Karroubi’s Etemad-e Melli party, said that authorities were holding Karroubi incommunicado and preventing him from seeing his family in retaliation for his criticisms of the upcoming elections.Authorities continue to hold the opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, as well as Karroubi, under house arrest more than a year after they called for demonstrations in support of wide-scale protests following the disputed June 2009 presidential election. Dozens of other opposition figures are in prison after being unfairly tried for such offenses as “acting against the national security” and “propaganda against the regime.”“Almost three years ago, following contested presidential elections, millions of Iranians marched through the streets chanting ‘Where’s my vote?’” Stork said. “Today those words still reverberate, reminding us of the government’s determination to deny its people the right to decide their own future.”

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Iranian in Toronto protest against parliamentary election circus in Iran!

NO to Predetermined Selection!YES to Fair and Free Election!On the verge of the upcoming parliamentary elections in our beloved country Iran, the human rights situation is deteriorating day by day. Most of the political prisoners are in appalling conditions and the shadow of death and execution is hovering above their heads.The Islamic regime is pursuing its extraterritorial adventures by violating and ignoring international laws as well as harbouring and exporting terrorism to all corners of the world. The Islamic regime has not only placed world peace in jeopardy, its incompetence and mismanagement have also brought our fellow Iranians under tremendous economic, social and political pressures.In these hard times when the vigilant people inside Iran are unanimously determined to boycott this fabricated and predetermined selection, we, the Iranians abroad, should not remain silent. We should aim to be the voice of our beloved people and join them in denouncing this rigged “selection” and demand a fair and free election! Moreover, we must not forget the decision of our iron-willed political prisoners who have vowed against this corrupt selection process and adamantly boycotted it. We must strive hard for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Therefore, in solidarity with the people inside Iran, who will stay at their homes and boycott this rigged “selection”, we condemn this engineered selection process and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners.

We, a group of Iranians living in Toronto, will gather on March 1, 2012 ( 11/ 12/ 1390) in Mel Lastman Square from 6- 7:30 pm to condemn this rigged “selection” and to show our full support for the freedom seeking people of Iran and all the political prisoners.


1. United Republicans of Iran - Toronto2. United Student Front in Toronto3. Union for the Advancement of Secular Democracy in Iran - Toronto4. The International Center For Human Rights In Iran - ICHR5. Centre for Dialogue, Thought and Human Rights in Iran6. Foreign Office of "The Student Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners"7. Seven Publications in Toronto8. Committee for Solidarity with the People of Iran

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Regime of coup d,eta continue to arrest and detaine the independent voices to silence them in the coming parliamentary election on March 2nd !

This time the victim is Maysam Mashayekh. Maysam is a young reformist blogger from the city of Noushahr . This morning the security agents of the Ministry of Information from the city of Noushahr attended at his home , searched his home and transfered Maysam to an unknown location.Despite of the repression Maysam Mashayekh never stopped writing critical article on his blog. No one knows on his whereabout .


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Iranian- Canadian will protest against parliamentary election circus in Iran !

Calling all canadian for solidarity with Iranian people!

please Join us in protest against the parliamentary election circus in Iran by Islamic Republic regime. The protest will take place in Mel Lastman Square in Toronto on Thursday March 1,2012 from 6:00pm -7:30 pm.United We Stand , Divided We Fall !

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"Election Circus" stage show ,coming up on March 2nd- Islamic Republic regime in Iran is the producer !

Cartoon by Toka Neyestani- "Island "

As we get closer to parliamentary election in Iran on March 2nd , many Iranian personalities and political parties boycotted this ninth parliamentary election. Some of these political parties called people to stay home in protest to regimes election circus and others called people to actively protest. Here are some of these political parties and personalities:

Mosharekat Party( a pro reform party) ,"Jebheh Melli Iran " (Iran National Front) , "Mojahedin Enghelab ( Mojahedin of Revolution Organization) , Association in Solidarity with Nation of Iran , "Nehzat Azadi' (Freedom Movement), Mr. Abdolah Nouri ( Interior Minister of Khatami) , Seyed Mohammad Khatami ( former president) and.......,

This time the reformists aren't present in this election ,in other word the reformists are absent . Green movement have boycotted this election . Both imprisoned leaders of the green movement Mr. Mirhosein Musavi and Mehdi Karoubi also boycotted this election.

All major Kurdish political parties : "Hezbe Democrate Kordestan " (Kurdistan Democratic Party ), Kumeleh Party and almost all political opposition parties and organization outside of Iran called people to say NO to regime election circus.

It would be difficult to name all or to name Ayatollahs who have called people to say NO to this election on March 2nd.

So, Toka is right , this election is taking place in an Island ......

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Separation,Oscar Award winner 2012 for IRAN - No need military intervention,Islamic Regime being driven by its leaders Khamenei-Ahmadinejad to fall

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Mahsa Amrabadi (Iranian journalist) wife of imprisoned journalist Masoud Bastani was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Islamic Republic of injustices, what elese i can call this inhuman regime?
These are all hapening to silence the independent journalists in the coming election on March 2nd.!
In the past Week Mahsa Amrabadi the Iranian independent journalist is senteced to five years imprisonment.She is charged with "colaboration for conspiracy" against national security.She is sentenced to five years imprisonment ( four years suspended sentence ).She is charged because she didn't withdraw her support for Musavi and karoubi the two green movement leader and her participation and activities with families of political prisoners.Because of her new charges and sentencing ,seven political prisoners (rasoul Badaghi, Keyvan Samimi,Eisa Saharkheiz,Heshmat Tabarzadi,Mehdi Mahmoudian,Jafar (Shahin ) Eghdami,Reza Sharifi Boukani)who are in prison with her husband Masoud Bastani ( Journalist)released a statement and condemned regime for harrassing , intimidating and arresting political prisoners family members.Mahsa was arrested last year on March 1,2010 for 2nd time by security forces of "Sepah" but she was released on Bail.Mahsa also was arrested June 2009 and was sentenced to one year imprisonment.Mahsa's husband Masoud Bastani is also a journalist who has worked with many reformists newspapers and was arrested in August 2009 and sentenced to six years imprisonment and currently is serving this sentence in Rejaei Shahr prison.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

On March 2nd Iranian will say "I won't vote" to Islamic Republic parliamentary election circus !

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Only one week has left to ninth parliamentary election in Iran ! March 2nd is the day that Iranian opposition will say No to election show by regime

Coordinating council of Green Movement : Protest on March 1 and Stay home on March 2nd !
1-The coordinating council of the green movement called the opposition in the green movement to come out on March 1 from 2-4 pm and inform people about the election show by regime the next day and stay home on March 2nd in protest against regimes election show.
Hundereds of Iranian peaceful protesters on Feb.14 were arrested and detained!
2- According to news coming from Iran hundreds of Iranian from all over Iran have been arrested and detained since the peaceful march on Feb.14,2012.
Mehdi Khazali : In case i died UN doctors do the autopsy !
3- Mehdi Khazali son of Ayatollah Khazali on 46 days of hunger strike inside Evin prison. In a letter to Evin prison officials,he asked in case he had died, he doesn't like the prison doctors to examine his body instead he requested his body be examined or the autopsy be done by UN doctors.

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Dariush Ejlali sew his lips and chained himself at Yasuj Univ. in Iran protests against inhuman University condition...

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A Student Takes On The Iranian Regime ... Then Flees

There is fire under the ashes,” says student activist Payam Olad Azimi about the situation at Iran’s universities where, he believes, the increased state repression of the last two years has not managed to silence dissenting voices.
22-year-old Olad Azimi (pictured below) is one of those voices who has been pressured so much by the Iranian authorities, he has been forced into exile.He talked to Persian Letters on February 19 -- the same day a video of him publicly criticizing the Iranian establishment was posted on YouTube. He said he made the video available right after fleeing the country.
The amateur video, which was recorded by a cellphone, has already been widely shared on social media. It is from an October event at Iran's Orumieh University that was attended by an official from the Interior Ministry.
In the video, Azimi publicly confronts the ministry official, who he identifies as Mahmud Abbaszadeh Meshkini, the ministry's political director. Azimi asks several challenging questions, including why former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Musavi and former parliament speaker Mehdi Karrubi have both become critics of the establishment and leaders of the opposition movement. Both men have been under house arrest for the past year.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News From Iran .....

News from Iran:

Internet,Emails,Gmails, Yahoo...
1-According to ISNA news agency, the emails & Gmails are shut down again in Iran and it is now in its second level and those service providers are keeping silence.It is becoming normal shutting down the emeils ,because every now and then the internet - email /Gmail users are being denied access to . For the last 10 days the email access were ON and OFF for several days. Ali Motahari an MP brought this issue at his question period and demanded for the answer. No one is responding on what bases the internet and emails access to Iranian citizens are denied.
Update on Saeed Malekpour
2- 51 political prisoners who were in the same ward as Saeed Malekpour demanded regime to stop the execution.In a testimonial affidavit they have said ; Saeed told them that he is innocent and the confession was taken by force and under intenmse long solitary confinement ,mental and physical torture. Most of the people who have signed this testimony are journalists and were arrested after presidential election coup in 2009 and were kept together with Saeed Malekpour in ward 350 in Evin prison.To name a few are : Mohammad Nourizad,Salman Sima,Sasan Aghaei,Arman Rezakhani,Reza Rafiei,Masoud Lavasani,Hosein Nouraninejad,Mehdi arabshahi and Mohammad Oliaei fard. These people have testified that ; based on their experience with Saeed and being in one ward ,we found him as : " a responsible person,respected ,kind,patient and harmless and we believe such accusations doesn't fit on saeed's personality and we testify that ,time and time again Saeed have told us that the confessions were taken under intense physical and mental torture and we have seen the scars on his body ."
Update on Mehdi Khazali
3-Mehdi Khazali son of Ayatollah Khazali ,a writer and critic to Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime and a political prisoners on his 44 days of hunger strile fell in coma and was transfered again to hospital.
This is the phone number of Human Rights commission at judiciary power in Iran:
Call in support of Mehdi Khazali ,for his release from prison.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

IRAN WATCH CANADA Solidarity with the people of Syria- 18 02 2012 Damascus - Al Mazza Biggest demonstration in the heart of the Syria.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iranian Kurdish youth are targeted by security forces of the Islamic Republic in Iran!

Lives of many Iranian Kurdish youths are in great danger. Security forces of the Islamic republic are arbiterarily going to execute many of these young people including Zaniyar and Loghman Moradi ,two brother who have spent 30 months of their youtful life in diffeerent Islamic Republic prisons including Rejaei Shahr Karaj. These two brother Zaniyar and Loghman Moradi believe they have been targeted by the Islamic Republic security forces ,arrested and without any reasons spent 30 months in different prisons and are sentenced to death by hanging in public because their father belong to a political organization . In a letter to world public they wrote:"We were forced to confession and we are asking the human rights organizations to help save our life." Zaniyar is 22 years old and Loghman is 25.They are from Marivan one of the city in Kurdistan province. They wrote:" After the murder of Marivan Friday prayer Imam's son in 2009 by several unknown assailant ,the security forces of the Ministry of Information arrested us,brought us under intense torture and forced us on unwanted confession. The judge of their case file who sentenced them to death is the famous judge salavati. Judge Salavati beleive to be a security forces judge , an interrogator , a torturer , a judge and executioner. They beleive they are innocent and need our help to save their lives.


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Security forces at midnight removed Mehdi Khazali from hospital!

Mehdi Khazali was on his 42nd days of hunger strike in prison,on Friday his heart condition deteriorated , he was transfered to prison clinic, doctors at the clinic after examination ordered him to be transfered to hospital, he was at Taleghani Hospital when at midnight security forces removed and transfered him from the hospital to an unknown location. The hospital personnel were shocked and could do nothing.

Islamic Republic runs by security forces and judiciary forces have no power over them,this is what was told by judiciary power on the case of Parastoo dokohaki.The judiciary power said: "The political prisoners case has nothing to do with judiciary power because of security issues."


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mehdi Khazali (son of Ayatollah Khazali) on his 42nd days of hunger strike is transfered to hospital because of heart attack !

It was reported that an hour ago Mehdi Khazali was transfered to Taleghani Hospital because of heart attack.According to Kalameh website at 9:00pm last night Mahdi Khazali who was on his 42nd days of hunger strike, was transfered to prison clinic for heart problem and after cardiogrphy the doctors in the clinic odered him to be transfered to Taleghani Hospital. He is now in (C.C.U) ward of the Teleghani Hospital.

In a letter which was published earlier Mr. Khazali wrote:

"It is hard for the wife and childeren to see the gradual death that i have decided. Now that i write these lines ,i'm in my solitude and have cried hard on your dificulties, there is no dry place left on the pillow and the handkerchief of tear isn't sufficient for this flowing spring."



In the past IRAN WATCH CANADA wrote :

He went on hunger strike because he believe that his arrest is illegal.
Mehdi Khazali a writer and critic to Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime sent a message from prison:"I won't bend. Let me open a space for myself among martyrs and stand on my values."Doctor Khazali was arrested a month ago and went on hunger strike since 25 days ago. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and 90 lashes, plus 10 years exile to the city of Borazjan.afew days ago it was reported that,Mr. Khazali was bleeding from stomach because of hunger strike and was transfered from ward 350 in Evin prison to prison clinic.As a result of hunger strike he has lost 16 kilos.Doctor Mehdi Khazali in a letter to friends who asked him to end the hunger strike said:My dear friend ,Instead of asking me to end the hunger strike, aske the regime to end the illegal detentions."

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Saeed Malekpour the young Iranian-Canadian residence is going to be excuted at any time now.Please show your protest against his death sentence!

Time is running out, Saeed needs our help!

In last post video shows Saeeds wife asking for our help to save saeeds life!

Please ,if you dont move Saeed will be hanged in a secret location together with some other political prisoners particularly the Kurdish one.According to Saeed's lawyers his file has been given to executioners.Based on lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei:"Saeed doesn't deserve execution,but unfortunately the process for his execution is on its way". Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is responsible for his execution.Mr. Mostafaei said :" There are still ways to save his life ,there are possibilities his family members and his lawyers aske for forgiveness from the commission on forgiveness."

Mr. Mostafaei:

1- Mr. Saeed Malekpour isn't a political activist but his death sentence is a political one.

2-This verdict is against the Islamic Republic laws and regulations.

3- The jurisdiction processing his file was branch number 28 of the court of Revolution and the presiding judge of this court is Judge Moghiseh, furthermore, all lawyers know this branch together with branch number 15 and 26 are dealing with political case files and since this young man isn't a political activist and didn't do any political activities ,therefore the branch isn't in a position to process the case."



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My Husband Saeed Malekpour is innocent. Do NOT let them execute him! I ask all human rights activists to help ,only 20 days more left

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iran Tehran 14.02.2012 Enghelab Sq, riot forces in street, heavy security. Report by an Iranian present at revolution Square...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SMS Messaging from telecommunication to Public in Iran!

The morning of Feb.14 ( Valentine's Day ) SMS was sent from telecommunication system to the public in the city of Tehran and the message was:
" Dear citizen,in case of communication with counter revolutionaries outside of Iran and participation in any illegal gatherings , you will be facing with article 498 & 500 of the Islamic penal code".
This was happening while the communication via internet was shut down for two days.


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Iran tehran 14.02.2012 People marche in silence on sidewalks despite of heavy security presence ! Green movement is alive ..

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Security forces were stationed in Tehran and other major cities in Iran!

"According to one report the plain cloths security agents and Basiji's participated /meangled with people as protester and walked with them listening their conversation and sometimes even motivated peaceful silent protesters to engage them for actions and after making sure who was planning or came to the street to protest arrested them."

Once again the green movement activists from all walks of life called Feb.14 as a day of protest and the repressive Islamic regime for the fear of uprising brought thousands of its security forces including Basiji militia( on foot and on motorcycles) and Revolutionary guards into the streets of Tehran and other major cities.According to news , in one occasion six people were arrested in "Valei asr" square ( three brave women) . The protest started since 12:00 noon time (tuesday) and continued in different locations in Tehran and other major cities in major intersections and squares(circles).Reports are as follows:

The major streets and squares in Central Tehran on the eve of Feb.14 are occupied by Police -security forces.According to Jaras website, the plain cloths basiji motorcycle riders and Revolutionary guards are manouvering in and around the major intersections .It has been reported that; there were clashes between people and security forces in and around Revolution Square and several people are arrested.From "Haft Square " to "Valei Asr Square " is very busy but there are no chanting and clashes or arrest.For the first time regime is using its " Ninja style women" forces.The security forces search and arrest anyone they suspect. Students of Amirkabir University ,Sharif University and Tehran University are boycotting the afternoon classes.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mehdi Khazali in his 35 days of hunger strike!

Mehdi Khazali son of Ayatollah Khazali was arrested more than 35 days ago and immediately went on hunger strike.Mohammad Khazali son of Mehdi Khazali in an interview with Kalameh website said ; his family members are worried about his fathers health, he had bleeding from stomach but now the bleeding is stoped and he has lost so much weight that his blood pressure goes up and down and the prison officials transfered him to prison clinic. He added that; his father believe his arrest is illegal and doesnt want to end the hunger strike and is ready to die.

In the past IRAN WATCH CANADA wrote :

Mehdi Khazali a writer and critic to Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime sent a message from prison:
"I won't bend. Let me open a space for myself among martyrs and stand on my values."
Doctor Khazali was arrested a month ago and went on hunger strike since 25 days ago. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and 90 lashes, plus 10 years exile to the city of Borazjan.afew days ago it was reported that,Mr. Khazali was bleeding from stomach because of hunger strike and was transfered from ward 350 in Evin prison to prison clinic.As a result of hunger strike he has lost 16 kilos.Doctor Mehdi Khazali in a letter to friends who asked him to end the hunger strike said:My dear friend ,Instead of asking me to end the hunger strike, aske the regime to end the illegal detentions."

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Iranian People Love Freedom and on Valentine's Day Feb.14 Tomorrow They will chant freedom in all over Iran!

Cartoon by :Iranian Cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani


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Cartoon by Mani Honarvar


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Green Movement activists in Iran distributed thousands of pamphlet in the city of Mashhad .....

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Iranian people chanting "Deth to Dictator" and "Political prisoners must be released" tonight Feb.13 in Tehran ,Iran

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Protest in Iran will start from late tonight.....

News coming from Iran indicate that:

1-The situation in Iran:Security forces, including Basij and Sepah are on alert !

According to Jaras Website students of Universities in Tehran including Amirkabir, Khajeh Nasir, Beheshti and Azad in a statement asked their fellow students to start chanting and whistling at exact 10 pm tonight in protest against illegal arrest and detension of green movement leaders ,the deteriorating economic situation and inefficient government as well supporting the protest on Feb14.

According to news, many personalities and political organizations called people to come out on Feb.14 and protest.

2-Based on a reliable source close to green movement on the eve of Feb.14 the day of protest in Iran , inside the Evin Prison ,Political prisoners at ward number 350 chanted "death to despotism" , "Ya Hossein ,Mir Hossein" and " Death to Dictator".According to the source, he was walking in the yard and heard the chanting .


Iranian political prisoners lives are in great danger!

3- 402 Iranian personalities in a statement protested against the detention of Musavi,Zahra Rahnavard , Karoubi and hundereds of other political prisoners . The signatories to the statement requested from Ahmad Shaheed the UN reporter to Iran and UN Human Rights Councile to demand from Islamic Republic to release political prisoners from prisons.

The leaders of the green movement Musavi, Rahnavard and Karoubi were arrested a year ago on Feb.14 .


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help Support for the release of union leaders from prison,Help Iranian workers and their families!

It Seems that on Feb.14 the day of protest in all over Iran, economic issue , parliamentary election and release of all political prisoners will be the main agenda of protesters!

Iranian Workers live in their worst situation ever ,on Feb.14 it seems the protest movement will rise against the economic policy of the regime of coup d'eta, against the unfair election policies and release of all political prisoners including labor leaders.

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Iran: Anniversary demonstrations on 14 February must be allowed to take place peacefully ! Amnesty International

Amnesty International :
Iran: Anniversary demonstrations on 14 February must be allowed to take place peacefully .
Amnesty International is calling on the Iranian authorities to respect freedom of assembly and
allow peaceful demonstrations in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran on 14 February 2012, amid fears
that the authorities may once again use excessive use of force to quell protests, as has happened
in previous years.
The demonstrations - called by the Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope - mark the one
year anniversary of demonstrations called by opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi
Karroubi, in support of the people of Egypt and Tunisia which were brutally repressed and left at
least two people dead.
Amnesty International also reiterated its call for the immediate release of Mir Hossein Mousavi and
Mehdi Karroubi, who have been held under unofficial house arrest since 10 and 14 February
2011 respectively. Mir Hossein Mousavi’s wife, Zahra Rahnavard, is also held, while Mehdi
Karroubi is currently held on his own and has been denied any contact with his family since the
day after he told his wife in December 2011 that he believed the upcoming parliamentary
elections would be fraudulent.
Iran: Wave of arrests in run up to parliamentary elections.Iran: Wave of arrests in run up to parliamentary elections.
Iran: Wave of arrests in run up to parliamentary elections
Amnesty International is concerned that an ongoing wave of arrests of media workers and bloggers
is intended to limit freedom of expression in the run up to parliamentary elections in Iran
scheduled for 2 March 2012.
The arrests indicate that the Iranian authorities are once again choosing to restrict freedom of
expression and association in an apparent attempt to disrupt public discourse and potential
criticism of the authorities’ record in various spheres including human rights and economic
performance in advance of the start of the election campaign.
Amnesty International is urging the authorities to release all those detained in recent weeks unless
they are promptly charged with a recognizably criminal offence and tried in accordance with
international fair trial standards.
The organization said that the Judiciary in Iran should make it

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Friday, February 10, 2012

United We Stand,Divided We Fall ! Basiji got beaten up by Iranian protesters(02-19-2011)

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United We Stand,Divided We Fall! World Moslem,dont be fooled by Islamic regime in Iran!This protesters are moslem Iranian against This regime !

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Islamic regime in Iran for fear of citizen journalism in the coming parliamentary election shut down the internet !

News coming from Iran indicate that, the Islamic Republic regime in Iran has shut down the internet circuits. As a result Iranian are unable to have access with outside world.News report says:
"The complete HTTPS internet protocol in Iran is shut down and following that event , the Iranian are unable to have access to Gmail or Yahoo and other websites and secured internet services."

The report added:
"In the past two months port 443 was more or less slow in speed ,but since Feb.9 it was completely shut down.This port after port 80 or http is one of the most important internet ports. This event effects only the communication with outside Iran and the connection of SSL with inside Iran is still working."
Link to news in Farsi:


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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Red Carpet by Bashar Al Asad for Russians - Cartoon by Nik Kowsar

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Human Rights Watch
For Immediate Release
Iran: Arrest Sweeps Target Arab MinorityDozens Held; 2 Have Died in Custody(New York, February 7, 2012) –
Iranian security forces arrested more than 65 Arab residents during security sweeps in Iran’s Arab-majority Khuzestan province since late 2011 according to local activists, Human Rights Watch said today. The Iranian government should immediately charge or release those arrested, Human Rights Watch said. Authorities should also investigate reports by local activists that two detainees have died in Intelligence Ministry detention facilities in the past week.Reports by local activists about security sweeps in the towns of Hamidiyeh, Shush, and Ahvaz indicate that authorities carried out at least some of the arrests in response to anti-government slogans and graffiti spray-painted on public property expressing sympathy for the Arab Spring and calling for a boycott of Iran’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for March 2, 2012. Human Rights Watch received information that Mohammad Kaabi, 34, and Nasser Alboshokeh Derafshan, 19, died in detention facilities run by local intelligence officials in Shush and Ahvaz respectively, apparently as a result of torture. The local activists say that most of those arrested are being held in incommunicado detention.“There has been a blackout inside Iran on this latest round of arrests targeting Arab protesters and activists,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Authorities should immediately divulge the reasons for the arrests, give detainees access to family members and lawyers, bring all detainees promptly before a judge, and hold anyone responsible for torture to account.”Human Rights Watch expressed concern for those in custody. Based on past government actions some of those arrested could be at imminent risk of execution if they are convicted by revolutionary courts of national security crimes including terrorism or espionage, or face prosecution on such charges. Human Rights Watch is not aware of any charges that have been brought in these cases.According to several Iranian Arab rights groups, security forces have since November 2011 arrested at least 18 Arab men in Hamidiyeh, 25 kilometers west of Ahvaz, the provincial capital. The first arrest, on November 28, was of the prominent activist Hasan Manabi, an elementary school principal, and his brother Ghabel. A close friend of Hasan Manabi told Human Rights Watch that security and intelligence forces had arrested him numerous times since 2005. He said that Manabi, who had told the friend about torture and ill-treatment at the hands of intelligence officials following earlier arrests, had decided in late 2010 to seek asylum in Turkey.Manabi’s friend told Human Rights Watch that the Intelligence Ministry summoned and detained Manabi’s wife for several days to pressure him to return to Iran. Manabi returned in September 2011 and introduced himself to intelligence officials in Ahvaz, who interrogated him, then released him after several hours. But on November 28 intelligence agents raided Manabi’s home and arrested him and his brother Ghabel. The authorities have since accused Hasan Manabi of spying for the United States and the United Kingdom, in addition to having ties with Arab opposition groups operating in Khuzestan province.A local Khuzestan activist told Human Rights Watch that the latest round of arrests in Hamidiyeh began when security forces arrested nine Iranian Arabs on January 10 and four more on January 26 and 30. Most are between ages 20 and 28, and some had previously been detained for participating in demonstrations demanding more rights for Iran’s ethnic Arab minority. At least one has been released on bail, the local activist said, and several others have since been arrested.Authorities have also arrested at least 27 people in Shush, 115 kilometers northwest of Ahvaz, in recent weeks. A local activist there said that security forces, including plainclothes members of the Intelligence Ministry, initiated the arrests in response to anti-government slogans and graffiti spray-painted on public property expressing sympathy for the Arab Spring and calling for a boycott of Iran’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for March 2. The activist said that security forces set up checkpoints throughout Shush. After they arrested Jasim Kaabi, his daughter Khadijeh, and his son Mohammad in their home on January 21, he said “people became angry and poured into the streets.” In response, security forces arrested at least 24 men, most of them in their 20s, on January 25 and 26. The arrests took place in Ahmadabad, Khazireh, Davar, and several villages outside of Shush.“For about four days [from January 25] Shush was effectively under martial law, which has since been lifted,” the activist said. “But the city is still under a heavy security presence.”The local activist told Human Rights Watch that Mohammad Kaabi, who was arrested in Shush on January 21, died in custody at a local Intelligence Ministry detention facility. The local activist confirmed reports from other activists that on February 2 authorities from the Shush Intelligence Ministry office contacted Kaabi’s family and informed them that he had died. The official reportedly told the family that authorities had already buried Kaabi’s remains and there was no need for funeral services. They warned the family not to conduct a public mourning service for their son.Prior to news of Kaabi’s death, local activists told Human Rights Watch that 19-year-old Nasser Alboshokeh Derafshan had allegedly died after being tortured on January 30 in an Intelligence Ministry detention facility in Ahvaz. A source close to Derafshan’s family told Human Rights Watch that security forces arrested Derafshan on January 26 for unknown reasons.On January 30, agents from Ahvaz’s Intelligence Ministry called Derafshan’s father and told them to come pick up him up, the source said. When his father arrived at the detention facility, he caught a glimpse of a body inside the ambulance parked there and asked if it was his son, but the authorities denied it. He followed the ambulance to Golestan hospital and discovered that the body in the ambulance was his son’s. The source told Human Rights Watch that Derafshan’s family saw signs of torture on his body, including bruises on his face, neck, waist, and ribs. The authorities claim that Derafshan died of natural causes.The source told Human Rights Watch that authorities have so far refused to return Derafshan’s body to his family.Local activists also told Human Rights Watch that intelligence agents have arrested at least 11 Arab men in and around Ahvaz since February 3. Security forces arrested another 10 Arab men, all of whom are members of the Sunni sect, on January 17, activists said. One of them told Human Rights Watch that security forces, many of them plainclothes agents, are present throughout Ahvaz and the situation there is very tense.Human Rights Watch has received the names of many of those arrested or killed, but has not been able to verify the circumstances of each arrest due to severe government restrictions on independent monitoring and reporting in the province. Human Rights Watch previously called on Iranian authorities to allow independent international media and human rights organizations access to investigate allegations of serious rights violations in the province.“Security operations in Khuzestan province since protests there last April have resulted in the largest number of deaths and injuries since the crackdown that followed the disputed 2009 presidential election,” Stork said. “With the province under an information blackout and the history of secret convictions and executions, we have reason to be very worried about the people the authorities have been snatching up and carrying off there.”

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bahman uprising Trailer- Bahman (Meaning avalanche) is the month of revolution (32 years ago)- Once again people will come out on Feb.14 to protest.

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Saeed Malekpour's sister: My brother was under pressure by regime to appear for another video clip confession!

Excerpt from the conversation of Maryam Malekpour w/ ICHRI :

Maryam Malekpour the sister of Saeed Malekpour the Iranian-Canadian sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic Judiciary in a contact w/International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said:" The latest news that i have from my brother is that ,for the last two weeks he has been under pressure to appear before another television confession and fortunately he has refused to do it and as a result of him not doing ,the security agents threatened him for retaliation arresting me (Saeed's sister).

"Saeed is not guilty and he is one of the best and intelligent student of Sanati Sharif University (He ranked 23 in Metalorgy courses).During three years and plus imprisonment he has been under heavy torture and as a result Saeed's jaw is dislocated and his skull is broken which is obvious. Saeed is not guilty and this is a political game."

Saeed is 36 years old and on 2008 he traveled to Iran for a visit to his sick father but was arrested by security forces . After that; he appeared on Islamic Republic Television on 2009 and admited the charges against himself.Saeed is still in ward number 209 in Evin prison.


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Monday, February 06, 2012

More arrest before parliamentary election on March 2nd. These Civil rights advocates are from Azarbayjan again !

Arise my country Men and Women ,Arise against all these injustices!
United We Stand,Divided We Fall!
No to War & War Mongers, Yes to Peace and Peace Lovers!

Human Rights House has reported that eight civil rights advocates from the Azarbayjan province are arrested and sentenced to one year imprisonment with eight months in suspended sentence.These people were posting flyers on the walls around " Ghom Tapeh "area in the city of Tabriz in defence of their detained colleagues when arrested by Basiji forces . These brave Iranian people are:
Akbar mohajeri
Mohammad Reza Bakhshi Khajeh
Rahim Ali Rezaei
Shahram dadashi
Masoud Bayrami
Amir Babaei
Vali Barghdar
Asgar Aghaei Alvandi
They are charged with ; Activities against national security and gathering for conspiracy.

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Mehdi Khazali writer and critic to regime:" I wont bend" !

Mehdi Khazali a writer and critic to Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime sent a message from prison:

"I won't bend. Let me open a space for myself among martyrs and stand on my values."

Doctor Khazali was arrested a month ago and went on hunger strike since 25 days ago. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and 90 lashes, plus 10 years exile to the city of Borazjan.afew days ago it was reported that,Mr. Khazali was bleeding from stomach because of hunger strike and was transfered from ward 350 in Evin prison to prison clinic.As a result of hunger strike he has lost 16 kilos.
Doctor Mehdi Khazali in a letter to friends who asked him to end the hunger strike said:My dear friend ,Instead of asking me to end the hunger strike, aske the regime to end the illegal detentions."


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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mohammad Reza Khatami deputy speaker of six parliament & past president's brother:The 9th election is an engineered one & the result is clear

Mohammad Reza Khatami a reformist and deputy speaker of 6th parliament on speaking to "Roozgar" newspaper told: "The result of election isn't what comes out of the ballot Box , it looks like that ,but the election is an engineered one and the result is clear."

He added: "If the election was free and it was without influence, the reformists would have participated,but this election isn't anymore an election."

Mr. Mohammad Reza Khatami is the brother of former reformist president Seyed Mohammad Khatami and a high ranking member of the Mosharekat Party .

Regime has shut down "Roozegar" Newspaper and it seems it is because of this interview.This is a searies of campaign by regime security forces to silence the independent voices before parliamentary election. In recent weeks many journalists also were arrested and detained.

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50 members of different political background came together by Olof Palme's Internation Center in Sweden discussing democracy and the coming election !

IRAN WATCH CANADA:United We Stand ! Divided We Fall !
No to War & War Mongers ! Yes to Peace & Peace Lovers !

Oppositon groups abroad discuss democracy and election show in Iran !

50 members of the political groups in opposition to Islamic Republic regime in Iran came together by Olof Palme's International Center in Sweden for a two days seminar to discuss about democracy and the coming of the 9th parliamentary election show by regime on March 2,2012.The title for this two days seminar is " United for democracy". According to report the host of this gathering was Olof Palme's International Center and the seminar started on Saturday Feb. 4 and eneded in Sunday Feb.5,2012 under heavy security presence. A Representative of Olof Palme's International Center told reporters that: This seminar intended to bring the many devided opposition groups and individuals to Islamic Republic together for dialogue and cooperation.


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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Syria - Idlib Funeral for Martyrs Maher & Mahmoud Shahud - Murdered by Assad Supported by Islamic Republic (Regime of Coup by Khamenei -Ahmadinejad )

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Human Rights Watch
For Immediate ReleaseIran:
Stop Holding Reporters’ Relatives Hostage
Journalists’ Families Targeted in Campaign Against Media(New York, February 3, 2012) –

The Iranian government has been intimidating and detaining relatives and friends of foreign-based Persian-language journalists to obtain information or silence them, Human Rights Watch said today. A family member of a BBC reporter whom Iranian authorities arbitrarily detained and held as a hostage for close to two weeks is one of the latest victims in a new wave of arrests against journalists and bloggers prior to parliamentary elections due on March 2, 2012.In mid-January, security forces raided the home of a BBC Persian employee’s relative in Tehran, searched and confiscated their belongings, and transferred the person to Evin prison. Hours later, a man claiming to be the relative’s interrogator at Evin contacted the BBC employee in London, seeking information about the BBC in return for the family member’s freedom. Human Rights Watch has learned that authorities released the detainee on bail several days ago.“Detaining a BBC reporter’s relative seems to be part of a wider campaign to harass Iranian journalists by putting pressure on them and their families,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “It suggests that authorities detained the relative to silence the reporter and the BBC. It also sends a message that the government’s long arm of repression can extend well beyond borders.”A man who claimed he was an interrogator at Tehran’s Evin prison contacted the BBC employee through the internet. The man asked about the employee’s job, and said if the employee cooperated and provided him with contacts and sources at the BBC, the authorities would free the detained family member. Around two weeks later, the authorities released the family member on bail. It is not known whether authorities have charged the family member with a criminal offense, Human Rights Watch said.A BBC staff member who spoke to Human Rights Watch expressed concern for the targeting of journalists’ family members. “My colleagues and I at the BBC have been exposed to almost daily insults and personal attacks on various pro-government websites and blogs inside Iran, but this is really a red line for us, and we can’t stay silent,” the journalist said. “Our families should not be victimized because of our personal decisions to work for the BBC. Nor should they become a pawn in a larger political game between Iran and other countries.”The BBC decided to publicize the campaign against its employees and their family members and friends in Iran during a news broadcast on February 2. During the broadcast, Sadeq Saba, the head of BBC Persian, said that, during the past few weeks, Iranian authorities had intimidated, interrogated, and arrested several family members and friends of BBC Persian employees in an apparent campaign to silence BBC Persian. He also said there is evidence suggesting that some of those interrogated or detained may have been forced to participate in televised confessions that they worked or cooperated with BBC Persian inside Iran; he flatly denied that BBC Persian has any presence inside Iran. Saba told Human Rights Watch that during the past few weeks the pressure against family members and friends of BBC employees has intensified. He said the Iranian government’s actions were “unprecedented” and “inhumane.”Iranian authorities have been particularly sensitive to the role of BBC Persian television, which launched operations in January 2009, because of its extensive coverage of the disputed 2009 presidential election. During the post-election crisis, BBC Persian television conducted hundreds of telephone interviews with protesters and witnesses who provided accounts of deaths, injuries, and arbitrary arrests carried out by security forces. Since June 2009, the authorities and pro-government websites have repeatedly attacked the BBC and anyone inside or outside the country whom they believe works for or cooperates with the British news outlet. On September 17, 2011, Iranian security forces arrested six independent filmmakers for allegedly cooperating with BBC Persian on a documentary. They transferred them to Evin prison’s notorious Ward 240, which the Iranian Intelligence Ministry controls, but later released them.Human Rights Watch has also documented jamming and interference of satellite feeds by Iranian authorities of BBC Persian, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, and other foreign-based Persian-language broadcasts. In May 2010, Ezatollah Zarghami, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (Iran’s state-run broadcast company), publicly acknowledged that his government engages in jamming of foreign broadcast satellites. Human Rights Watch has monitored numerous pro-government websites run from inside Iran, including the Young Journalists’ Club, which regularly post articles, blogs, and messages containing personal attacks against individuals who work for BBC Persian.The arrest and intimidation of family members of BBC Persian employees takes place amid escalating political tensions between Iran and the United Kingdom. On November 29, protesters breached the walls of the UK embassy compound in Tehran apparently in response to an announcement that the UK would sanction Iran’s central bank and push for a European Union boycott of Iranian oil. Following the attack, the UK recalled its ambassador and shut down its embassy in Tehran.During the past few weeks, Human Rights Watch has received information that authorities may be holding at least two other journalists and bloggers, detained during the recent wave of arrests, in Ward 2-A, which Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps control. On January 15 and 17, security forces arrested Parastou Dokouhaki and Marzieh Rasouli respectively. They have detained several other journalists and bloggers during the past three weeks. The arrests come amid repeated warnings by senior officials that Iran’s enemies would seek to destabilize the country during the March parliamentary elections. Human Rights Watch has received information suggesting that authorities may have arrested Dokouhaki and Rasouli in an attempt to link them to BBC Persian.On January 24, Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi announced that security and intelligence forces had uncovered and disrupted various plots to undermine the legitimacy of the upcoming parliamentary elections. He claimed that the “link between the seditionist elements and the state’s enemies has already been established and there is lots of evidence [to support this].” It is not yet clear whether the arrests of family members of BBC staff, along with others who have been detained since the beginning of the year, are connected to Moslehi’s January 24 announcement.As of December, 42 journalists and bloggers were in prison in Iran, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. According to rights groups, more than 60 journalists were forced into exile in 2011 alone, and authorities have shut down at least 40 publications since 2009. Human Rights Watch has repeatedly called on the authorities to unconditionally release all journalists and bloggers detained or facing charges related to their exercise of fundamental rights, including freedom of expression.“The recent wave of arrests, especially against relatives of journalists working abroad, is a reprehensible escalation in the current campaign to stifle freedom of information in Iran,” said Whitson. “It is a sober reminder of the lengths Iranian authorities will go to control the airwaves, newspapers, and the internet – even if it means ruining the lives of Iranians at home and abroad.”

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mojtaba Vahedi journalist and political advisor to Mehdi karoubi: This time protest movement on Feb. 14 will be greater than before !

Written by Reza Valizadeh-

Mr. Mojtaba Vahedi journalist and political advisor of Mehdi Karoubi who is currently living in abroad said:

The protest movement on the coming Feb.14,2012 will be bigger than past "green movement" . This time it will be the "protest movement" rather than just "green movement" and it will bring more people into the protest movement.

This time ,people's knowledge about the current situation has increased and the social networking are more organized.


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286 Journalists, civil rights & political personalities in Iran demanded for boycotting the planned parliamentary election by regime on March 2,2012!

286 journalists ,Civil Rights and political personalities in a statement asked Iranian people to say NO to voting boxes of the parliamentary election planned by the Islamic Republic regime in Iran on March 2,2012.These Iranian personalities in their statement said: Today this regime continousely violates the Freedom of Expression, the right of critics to organize and the right to become candidate.The current members of the parliament aren't the true representative of the Iranian people, instead the had became followers of "Velayat" or Khamenei. Today the Government doesn't follow the laws of the parliament and Khamenei doesn't question the misconducts of the Government. Nearly all politics of the governing regime shared by Khamenei,Government, Security councile ,security forces and few "Sepah" comanders.

According to report by Fereshteh Ghazi, in continuation on arresting the journalists before the parliamentary election , regime security forces has arrested Mr. Reza jelodarzadeh the editor in chief of the "Sobhe Azadi " newspaper.( Recently thise newspaper was closed by regime).

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Women Noble Peace Prize Winners: Free Iranian Green Movement Leaders !

Women Noble Peace Prize Winners instuitute which is established by Shirin Ebadi (the Iranian Noble Peace Prize Winner ) and its office is in Ottawa -Canada demanded for the immediate release of the three Green Movement leaders in Iran.The women Noble Peace Prize Winners asked all human rights advocates and free loving people of the world to make effort and help for the release of Zahra Rahnavard, Mirhossein Musavi , Mehdi Karoubi and all political prisoners in Iran.


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Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of Islamic Republic judiciary :" It was wrong to join the international human rights charters "

While protesting to the report by UN human rights reporter in Iran ( Ahmad Shaheed's report on Iran)and also protesting to UN recent session about Syria , Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of the Islamic Republic judiciary said: It was wrong for Islamic Republic to join the international Human Rights Charter.

As the head of judiciary of the Islamic Republic instead of dealing with open national case files like : The case files of political prisoners,the case file of University Campus ( Where the basij militia and security forces attacked the campus and killed and wounding students),the case file of Kahrizak prison( Where many young Iranian protesters after presidential coup were tortured,sexually abused and killed by Hossein Taeb, Saeed Mortazavi and...),the case files of the Iranian killed during the green movement protest after June presidential election in 2009 to the security and revolutionary Guards (Etelaate Sepah) forces . Larijani said:" If anyone insulted to our Imam's ,saints and Fatemeh Zahra(Daughter of Mohammad the prophet ),in some cases they will be executed and others will go to jail. Now , if someone insult Jesus,in your opinion is it wrong to deal with that person?
IRAN WATCH CANADA: In Modern world no one will be executed becuse of insulting they Jesus Christ or or religious belief , only Islamic Republic officials like Mohammad Sadegh Larijani with sparrow brain will do such heinous crime.

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