Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iranian Kurdish youth are targeted by security forces of the Islamic Republic in Iran!

Lives of many Iranian Kurdish youths are in great danger. Security forces of the Islamic republic are arbiterarily going to execute many of these young people including Zaniyar and Loghman Moradi ,two brother who have spent 30 months of their youtful life in diffeerent Islamic Republic prisons including Rejaei Shahr Karaj. These two brother Zaniyar and Loghman Moradi believe they have been targeted by the Islamic Republic security forces ,arrested and without any reasons spent 30 months in different prisons and are sentenced to death by hanging in public because their father belong to a political organization . In a letter to world public they wrote:"We were forced to confession and we are asking the human rights organizations to help save our life." Zaniyar is 22 years old and Loghman is 25.They are from Marivan one of the city in Kurdistan province. They wrote:" After the murder of Marivan Friday prayer Imam's son in 2009 by several unknown assailant ,the security forces of the Ministry of Information arrested us,brought us under intense torture and forced us on unwanted confession. The judge of their case file who sentenced them to death is the famous judge salavati. Judge Salavati beleive to be a security forces judge , an interrogator , a torturer , a judge and executioner. They beleive they are innocent and need our help to save their lives.


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