Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Security forces were stationed in Tehran and other major cities in Iran!

"According to one report the plain cloths security agents and Basiji's participated /meangled with people as protester and walked with them listening their conversation and sometimes even motivated peaceful silent protesters to engage them for actions and after making sure who was planning or came to the street to protest arrested them."

Once again the green movement activists from all walks of life called Feb.14 as a day of protest and the repressive Islamic regime for the fear of uprising brought thousands of its security forces including Basiji militia( on foot and on motorcycles) and Revolutionary guards into the streets of Tehran and other major cities.According to news , in one occasion six people were arrested in "Valei asr" square ( three brave women) . The protest started since 12:00 noon time (tuesday) and continued in different locations in Tehran and other major cities in major intersections and squares(circles).Reports are as follows:

The major streets and squares in Central Tehran on the eve of Feb.14 are occupied by Police -security forces.According to Jaras website, the plain cloths basiji motorcycle riders and Revolutionary guards are manouvering in and around the major intersections .It has been reported that; there were clashes between people and security forces in and around Revolution Square and several people are arrested.From "Haft Square " to "Valei Asr Square " is very busy but there are no chanting and clashes or arrest.For the first time regime is using its " Ninja style women" forces.The security forces search and arrest anyone they suspect. Students of Amirkabir University ,Sharif University and Tehran University are boycotting the afternoon classes.

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