Monday, February 13, 2012

Protest in Iran will start from late tonight.....

News coming from Iran indicate that:

1-The situation in Iran:Security forces, including Basij and Sepah are on alert !

According to Jaras Website students of Universities in Tehran including Amirkabir, Khajeh Nasir, Beheshti and Azad in a statement asked their fellow students to start chanting and whistling at exact 10 pm tonight in protest against illegal arrest and detension of green movement leaders ,the deteriorating economic situation and inefficient government as well supporting the protest on Feb14.

According to news, many personalities and political organizations called people to come out on Feb.14 and protest.

2-Based on a reliable source close to green movement on the eve of Feb.14 the day of protest in Iran , inside the Evin Prison ,Political prisoners at ward number 350 chanted "death to despotism" , "Ya Hossein ,Mir Hossein" and " Death to Dictator".According to the source, he was walking in the yard and heard the chanting .


Iranian political prisoners lives are in great danger!

3- 402 Iranian personalities in a statement protested against the detention of Musavi,Zahra Rahnavard , Karoubi and hundereds of other political prisoners . The signatories to the statement requested from Ahmad Shaheed the UN reporter to Iran and UN Human Rights Councile to demand from Islamic Republic to release political prisoners from prisons.

The leaders of the green movement Musavi, Rahnavard and Karoubi were arrested a year ago on Feb.14 .


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