Monday, February 06, 2012

More arrest before parliamentary election on March 2nd. These Civil rights advocates are from Azarbayjan again !

Arise my country Men and Women ,Arise against all these injustices!
United We Stand,Divided We Fall!
No to War & War Mongers, Yes to Peace and Peace Lovers!

Human Rights House has reported that eight civil rights advocates from the Azarbayjan province are arrested and sentenced to one year imprisonment with eight months in suspended sentence.These people were posting flyers on the walls around " Ghom Tapeh "area in the city of Tabriz in defence of their detained colleagues when arrested by Basiji forces . These brave Iranian people are:
Akbar mohajeri
Mohammad Reza Bakhshi Khajeh
Rahim Ali Rezaei
Shahram dadashi
Masoud Bayrami
Amir Babaei
Vali Barghdar
Asgar Aghaei Alvandi
They are charged with ; Activities against national security and gathering for conspiracy.

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