Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of Islamic Republic judiciary :" It was wrong to join the international human rights charters "

While protesting to the report by UN human rights reporter in Iran ( Ahmad Shaheed's report on Iran)and also protesting to UN recent session about Syria , Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of the Islamic Republic judiciary said: It was wrong for Islamic Republic to join the international Human Rights Charter.

As the head of judiciary of the Islamic Republic instead of dealing with open national case files like : The case files of political prisoners,the case file of University Campus ( Where the basij militia and security forces attacked the campus and killed and wounding students),the case file of Kahrizak prison( Where many young Iranian protesters after presidential coup were tortured,sexually abused and killed by Hossein Taeb, Saeed Mortazavi and...),the case files of the Iranian killed during the green movement protest after June presidential election in 2009 to the security and revolutionary Guards (Etelaate Sepah) forces . Larijani said:" If anyone insulted to our Imam's ,saints and Fatemeh Zahra(Daughter of Mohammad the prophet ),in some cases they will be executed and others will go to jail. Now , if someone insult Jesus,in your opinion is it wrong to deal with that person?
IRAN WATCH CANADA: In Modern world no one will be executed becuse of insulting they Jesus Christ or or religious belief , only Islamic Republic officials like Mohammad Sadegh Larijani with sparrow brain will do such heinous crime.

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