Monday, January 30, 2012

Judiciary headed by judge Moghiseh finalized the death sentence of Saeed Malekpour the Iranian-Canadian web designer!Now,his life is in great danger

Cartoon by Kianoush Ramezani for Saeed Malekpour.

Rajanews a radical regime website has released part of confessions by Malekpour while in prison . These confessions are definitely taken in prison and under torture. Now ,his life is definitly in great danger,because, this is the final version of death sentence or verdict by judge Moghiseh, one of several judges of the regime who are acting as an investigator ,torturer and judge and executioner ,like Saeed Mortazavi or judge Mortazavi.You can see the film in here:

The title of the Rajanews website reads : "The final death sentence of the head of obscene websites network after three years."

The website says:

" After one thousands days from the begining of the case file of saeed Malekpour ( The manager of the unethical website known as Avizoon ) and suspension of the death sentence at one time , finally the supreme court rejected that there are shortcomings in the case file and issued the final verdict of death sentence. "

According to Rajanews : "At the end of the year 2008 revoluionary guards and judiciary system has released news about the destruction of unethical Farsi language websites and the arrest of main elements."


"One of the main element is a person by the name of Saeed Malekpour whose alias name is " Siavash Hoseinkhani" the manager of one of the biggest and famous farsi language pornographic website known as "Avizoon" and suporter of several other obscene websites,who was living in abroad and was arrested in October 2008."

According to Rajanews:

"After legal proceeding of Saeed Malekpour's case file in Branch number 28 of the court of revolution,charged with :Insulting on holy beliefs ,Islamic principles and values,collecting and publishing of unethical anti religious foreign materials in Farsi language, education of unethical and unofficial materials like homosexuality and.....instigating the young people into sexual activities and inviting them for internet group membership,taking nude video film from Iranian women and girls by hidden vebcam sentenced to death by judge Moghiseh.

The film was produced by the "Centre for Organized Crime" .

Saeed in this Video appears in white shirt with his eyes covered by black box, he says:

"My name is Saeed Malekpour, the first obscene website i designed was "Iran extreme dot come" , for managing this site ,i made up an imaginary personality for the site ,in the name of Siyavash Hoseinkhani."

Another person appear as "Kamran" in the film( One of the manager of Avizoon website ) and says:

"The admin of the site Mr. Siyavash Hosseinkhani ,designed the model of the site in a way that,the users by visiting the site were becoming members and addict to the site."

Again Saeed appears and says: "I created the site Iranian..(Not clear what he says-IWC). and added content of weblog into it .... and started posting storieson the site ,the stories were taken from website that i was visiting and reading them , i made a personality for myself, i was a 32-33 years old young boy,that i was a phd. student of Mechanical in Vancouver,and i was living in the city of Vancouver......,"

to be continued.....

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