Thursday, January 26, 2012

39 political prisoners in a Statement: First Step towards National Sovereignty is the Freedom of Mr. Musavi ,his wife Zahra Rahnavard And Mr. Karoubi

On March 2nd Iranian people will march against made up /illegal parliamentary election!
This is at least what it seems to happen.
according to report released 39 political prisoners in a statement from prison asked Iranian people to inform everyone about the coming planned and engineered parliamentary election by regime on March 2nd and to put effort for the release of two leaders of the Green Movement Mr. Mir Hossein Musavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard and Mr. Mehdi Karoubi who are apparently in solitary confinement and their families are forbiden by Khamenei's security forces to see them.
Mr. Musavi ( former prime minister of the Islamic Republic ) and Karoubi ( former speaker of the parliament) are in prison for the last 11 months.
Regime organized a presidential election coup in June 2009 and people protested in millions against that for almost a year of unrest and now regime is again planning to organize a made up parliamentary election coup on March 2,2012 close to Iranian New Year.While former reformists are either in jail or under watchful eyes of the security forces and have announced not participating in the coming election( Like members of the Mosharekat Party and Mojahedin Enghelabe Eslami organization),the other Iranian political opposition group outside Iran also announced boycotting the coming parliamentary election.They are:
1-Iran Republican United
2-Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
3-People's Democrati Party of Iran
4-Kurdistan Kumeleh Party of Iran
5-Iran National Front -Europe
6-Organization of the Iranian People's Fedaian United
7-Organization of the Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority)
8-Coordinating Committee of the Provisional Council of Iran Left Socialists
9-Coordinating Council of Iran Democrat & Secular Republican Movement

Based on reports,it seems that people mobilization for a massive boycott or protest on March 2,2012 will bring the Islamic despotic regime to its knees.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will update and bring more news to you about the discourse and plan /decision making by the oppositions.

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