Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Islamic despotic regime in Iran has once again began arresting Iranian from all background for fear of election to become another massive protest !

Iranian people, hostage of the Islamic Despotic regime!

A group of wild beast is running my country !

Report indicates that Parastoo Dokohaki a well known blogger and a social activist has been arrested. The security forces has arrested her on last Sunday afternoon.In the past Ms. Dokohaki has worked with many reformist newspaper as well including "Mahnameh Zanan, Yase Nou and Vaghaye Etefaghieh". Parastoos blog is known as " Zan-nevesht " or woman wrote .In a telephone conversation with her family Parastoo said , she has been charged with "propagating against the regime".Security agents attended at her house and arrested her and transfered her to "Bande Alef / Alef ward in Evin prison. The agents also took with them her computer and other personal belonging.

A report from Tehran, Marzieh Rasouli a journalist on cultural and art issues was arrested too on Tuesday.She was working with several independent newspaper including "Etemad" and "Shargh" newspapers. Marzieh was arrested by security forces on Tuesday night and the agents took her personal belonging with them.She has been charged with " Activities against National Security".

In the past days Arash Sadeghi ( Student activist) , Saeed Madani ( Journalist and member of " Meli Mazhabi group" ), Ehsan Houshmand ( Meli Mazhabi activist and researcher) and Ms. Fatemeh Kharadmand (Journalist ) were reported arrested by security forces.

Also in another news Islamic despotic supreme court confirmed the death pernalty of Saeed Malekpour the Iranian -Canadian. Saeed Malekpour before his arrest was living in Canada. He is a computer specialist.Saeed was born on 1975 and he is a graduate of "Sanati Sharif Technical University " with major in metallurgical Engineering .While in Canada, Saeed designed a website which without his knowledge was used by the owner on pornographic issues.


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