Monday, January 16, 2012

A young Iranian who was shot & wounded by regime forces during presidential election three years ago is dead in Boston,USA !!!!

Is it possible that honourable Ahmad Shaheed the UN reporter on Iran will attened in this young man's funeral ceremony in Berlin-Germany ??!!!

Alireza Sabouri was a 20 years old young Iranian who joined the protest of "Where is my Vote ? " after the presidential election coup in Iran in June 2009, had died in his apartment while seated behind his computer in the city of Boston -USA. According to report his body will be transfered to the city of Berlin -Germany where his relatives live. The report said: The funeral ceremony will take place on Jan. 20 in Berlin-Germany.

During the protest after the election coup, Alireza Sabouri was shot and wounded.He was in coma for a month. Despite of two surgery on him ,he died as a result of that injuries. After first treatment and learning how to walk and speak again, he left Iran to Turkey and then to USA as a refugee. Less than two months ago while in his apartment and his head on his labtop died as a result of those injuries.

His name ,his memories and his struggle for a Free Iran will always remain in the hearts of million Iranian inside and outside Iran.

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