Monday, January 16, 2012

Iranian in the green movement are preparing to boycott the coming Parliamentary election in March !

March 2nd ,2012 will mark the ninth Parliamentary( Majles ) election in Iran. Once again this event will bring fear among regime officials for yet another uprising of Iranian people against Islamic Republic regime in Iran and discussion among the opposition how to look into this opportunity to rethink and reorganiz the mostly young Iranian to boycott or show a kind of referendum for not participating nationwide in this coming election.
While regime is spending more money into organizing its own show of force and propaganda , the opposition in the green movement need to bring more political figure and parties or personalities around the table to discuss for a successful boycott of this election.

According to report, "The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope " is asking all activists and supporters of green movement particularly the youth and students to find a way to protest and curb the Islamic Republic dictatorship from February 21 - March 2nd the day of the parliamentary election.

Since regime electoral machines( The guardian council) rejected almost all the former reformists to enter into the election race, this coming parliamentary election has a special meaning for Iranian people. Regime is trying to prepare for a made up election and let more ultra conservative and radical Islamist to enter into the Majles.

In the past Mr. Mehdi Karoubi one of Green Movement leader who is now in a security controled house arrest said:
"Regime is trying to have an ordered or made up election."

Farokh Negahdar former leader of the Fedaian Khalgh majority who live in exile in London in an interview with "Jaras" website said : There is a possibilities that people will decide by a massive strike to boycott the election and through this they will push the regime back . He believes people will challenge what Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran have said: Khamenei in the past said: "We expect to have a more enthusiastic election than before.". Mr. Negahdar believes on March 2,2012 Iranian people will say a Big NO to regime's made up election and it will become a national solidarity among all Iranian and a day of the great test.



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