Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mohammad Reza Khatami deputy speaker of six parliament & past president's brother:The 9th election is an engineered one & the result is clear

Mohammad Reza Khatami a reformist and deputy speaker of 6th parliament on speaking to "Roozgar" newspaper told: "The result of election isn't what comes out of the ballot Box , it looks like that ,but the election is an engineered one and the result is clear."

He added: "If the election was free and it was without influence, the reformists would have participated,but this election isn't anymore an election."

Mr. Mohammad Reza Khatami is the brother of former reformist president Seyed Mohammad Khatami and a high ranking member of the Mosharekat Party .

Regime has shut down "Roozegar" Newspaper and it seems it is because of this interview.This is a searies of campaign by regime security forces to silence the independent voices before parliamentary election. In recent weeks many journalists also were arrested and detained.

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