Thursday, February 02, 2012

286 Journalists, civil rights & political personalities in Iran demanded for boycotting the planned parliamentary election by regime on March 2,2012!

286 journalists ,Civil Rights and political personalities in a statement asked Iranian people to say NO to voting boxes of the parliamentary election planned by the Islamic Republic regime in Iran on March 2,2012.These Iranian personalities in their statement said: Today this regime continousely violates the Freedom of Expression, the right of critics to organize and the right to become candidate.The current members of the parliament aren't the true representative of the Iranian people, instead the had became followers of "Velayat" or Khamenei. Today the Government doesn't follow the laws of the parliament and Khamenei doesn't question the misconducts of the Government. Nearly all politics of the governing regime shared by Khamenei,Government, Security councile ,security forces and few "Sepah" comanders.

According to report by Fereshteh Ghazi, in continuation on arresting the journalists before the parliamentary election , regime security forces has arrested Mr. Reza jelodarzadeh the editor in chief of the "Sobhe Azadi " newspaper.( Recently thise newspaper was closed by regime).

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