Friday, February 17, 2012

Saeed Malekpour the young Iranian-Canadian residence is going to be excuted at any time now.Please show your protest against his death sentence!

Time is running out, Saeed needs our help!

In last post video shows Saeeds wife asking for our help to save saeeds life!

Please ,if you dont move Saeed will be hanged in a secret location together with some other political prisoners particularly the Kurdish one.According to Saeed's lawyers his file has been given to executioners.Based on lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei:"Saeed doesn't deserve execution,but unfortunately the process for his execution is on its way". Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is responsible for his execution.Mr. Mostafaei said :" There are still ways to save his life ,there are possibilities his family members and his lawyers aske for forgiveness from the commission on forgiveness."

Mr. Mostafaei:

1- Mr. Saeed Malekpour isn't a political activist but his death sentence is a political one.

2-This verdict is against the Islamic Republic laws and regulations.

3- The jurisdiction processing his file was branch number 28 of the court of Revolution and the presiding judge of this court is Judge Moghiseh, furthermore, all lawyers know this branch together with branch number 15 and 26 are dealing with political case files and since this young man isn't a political activist and didn't do any political activities ,therefore the branch isn't in a position to process the case."



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