Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mehdi Khazali (son of Ayatollah Khazali) on his 42nd days of hunger strike is transfered to hospital because of heart attack !

It was reported that an hour ago Mehdi Khazali was transfered to Taleghani Hospital because of heart attack.According to Kalameh website at 9:00pm last night Mahdi Khazali who was on his 42nd days of hunger strike, was transfered to prison clinic for heart problem and after cardiogrphy the doctors in the clinic odered him to be transfered to Taleghani Hospital. He is now in (C.C.U) ward of the Teleghani Hospital.

In a letter which was published earlier Mr. Khazali wrote:

"It is hard for the wife and childeren to see the gradual death that i have decided. Now that i write these lines ,i'm in my solitude and have cried hard on your dificulties, there is no dry place left on the pillow and the handkerchief of tear isn't sufficient for this flowing spring."



In the past IRAN WATCH CANADA wrote :

He went on hunger strike because he believe that his arrest is illegal.
Mehdi Khazali a writer and critic to Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime sent a message from prison:"I won't bend. Let me open a space for myself among martyrs and stand on my values."Doctor Khazali was arrested a month ago and went on hunger strike since 25 days ago. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and 90 lashes, plus 10 years exile to the city of Borazjan.afew days ago it was reported that,Mr. Khazali was bleeding from stomach because of hunger strike and was transfered from ward 350 in Evin prison to prison clinic.As a result of hunger strike he has lost 16 kilos.Doctor Mehdi Khazali in a letter to friends who asked him to end the hunger strike said:My dear friend ,Instead of asking me to end the hunger strike, aske the regime to end the illegal detentions."

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