Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saeed Razavi Faghieh A Journalist and Political prisoner Chained to Hospital bed ...........

Saeed Razavi Faghieh is a journalist and a political prisoner in Iran. Last week he was transferred from "Rejaei Shahr" prison to the hospital for heart surgery , as the picture shows he was chained to hospital bed and no one including his family members were able to visit him while undergoing to major heart surgery.
in the past Mr . Saeed Razavi Faghieh has worked for newspapers such as : Yase Nou , Bonyan, Sobhe Emrooz and Nourooz and all known as reformists newspaper.
Mr. Razavi Faghieh was arrested one year ago in the city of Hamadan . According to report ,he was arrested because of his speech comparing Ali Khamenei to six other rulers of f Iran since constitutional revolution more than 100 plus years ago - from Mozafarodin Shah to Mohammad Ali Shah to Ahmad Shah , to Reza Shah , to Mohammad Reza Shah , to Khomeini and then Ali Khamenei . three of which forced to exile and died there are : Mohammad Ali Shah, Ahmad Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah .
Mr. Razavi Faghih in the past belonged to Daftare Tahkime Vahdat an Islamic student organization.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

By an Order From Division number Four of the judiciary on Media & Culture ,The Weekly Morning Star is Banned from Publication !

Based on a report , the weekly Morning Star which was going to become a daily newspaper in the future is banned from publication. The order for closure came from division number four of the judiciary on media & culture.
The lawyer of this weekly Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei said : The reason for ban from  publication is because the weekly has published the letter of MP Ali Motahari to the head of judiciary .
Although the weekly had licence for publication, but it was ordered for closure based on section 5 of the
article 156 of the constitution.
Earlier Mr. Ali Saleh Abadi the manager of the weekly said , the weekly with a permission by Media watch dog will start its daily publishing from Jan 17.
Link to this news:

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Human Rights Watch - Iran: Rights Situation Dire

For Immediate Release

Iran: Rights Situation Dire
Serious Abuses by Judiciary, Security Forces

(Beirut, January 29, 2015) – Repressive elements within Iran’s security and intelligence forces and judiciary retained wide powers and carried out serious rights abuses throughout 2014, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2015.

Iran’s powerful security and intelligence forces, aided by a compliant judiciary, have carried out their repressive activities despite hopes for an improvement in the rights situation after Hassan Rouhani became president in August 2013. Officials apparently stepped up their crackdown on dissent through the Internet, with revolutionary courts meting out harsh punishments, including death sentences against bloggers and social media users. Officials also detained or targeted many activists and leading opposition figures, including the 2009 presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who remained under house arrest without trial. Executions, especially for drug-related offenses, were carried out at an alarming rate.

“Iran’s judiciary and security forces are a major impediment to justice and accountability for victims of rights abuses in Iran,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Clearly, despite his popular mandate, President Rouhani has little control over their actions. But he can and should do more to show Iranians that he will stand up for human rights and justice.”

In the 656-page world report, its 25th edition, Human Rights Watch reviews human rights practices in more than 90 countries. In his introductory essay, Executive Director Kenneth Roth urges governments to recognize that human rights offer an effective moral guide in turbulent times, and that violating rights can spark or aggravate serious security challenges. The short-term gains of undermining core values of freedom and non-discrimination are rarely worth the long-term price.

In Iran, women and ethnic and religious minorities, including Baha’is, faced discrimination in law and in practice. Iran is also one of the largest prisons for journalists and bloggers in the world, with at least 48 in detention as of October 2014. They included the Washington Post correspondent, Jason Rezaian, whom security agents arrested on July 22 along with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, also a journalist. Authorities are holding Rezaian without charge and have prevented him from accessing his lawyer. The government also systematically blocks websites and jams foreign satellite broadcasts.

According to official sources, Iranian authorities executed at least 200 prisoners in 2014, though the real number is thought to be over 600. At least eight may have been child offenders who were under 18 at the time of the killings or rapes that led to their death sentences.

Dozens of activists and human rights defenders are in prison because of peaceful or professional activities, including defense lawyers such as Mohammad Seifzadeh and Abdolfattah Soltani who were targeted in part because of their affiliation with Shirin Ebadi’s Center for Human Rights Defenders. Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer who served a prison term on vague national security charges, was banned from practicing law for 10 years following her release from prison in 2013.
In September 2014, a court overturned the ban, but on October 18 the Iranian Bar Association’s disciplinary committee told Sotoudeh that it had revoked her law license for three years because of the conviction.

The government has long denied entry to Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran.

To read Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2015 chapter on Iran, please visit:

For more Human Rights Watch Reporting on Iran, please visit:

For more information, please contact:
In New York, Faraz Sanei (English, Persian): +1-212-216-1290; or +1-310-428-0153 (mobile); or Follow on Twitter @farazsanei
In Amsterdam, Sarah Leah Whitson (English): +1-718-362-0172 (mobile); or Follow on Twitter @sarahleah1


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Monday, January 26, 2015

20 MP's in Iran Demanded for inquries and Investigation from Prison Organization !

 The Prison in Iran must be investigated by independent investigators.
Its Time the Islamic Republic to Allow Doctor Ahmed Shaheed to Visit the Prisons in Iran and speak to Prisoners and release his reports !
While Doctor Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on human rights in Iran is not allowed by Islamic Republic to visit Iran , 20 MP's in a statement demanded for inquiries and investigation from prison organization.
MP Hamidreza Tabatabaei the deputy of the commission on rights in the parliament told to the ISNA reporter of the Majlis ( Parliament) that, " the first meeting of the commission on rights with the demands of several  MP's about inquiries and investigation from the prison organization took place and in that meeting the head of the prison organization gave his reports on the situation of the prisons". He then added, that meeting had no result ,therefore next week the MP's will visit a prison which will be selected by an MP. 
20 MP's demanded for an inquiries and investigation from the prison to find out the situation of the prisoners.
This is while Doctor Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on human rights is not allowed by Islamic Republic to visit Iran and to visit the prisons and talk with political prisoners.

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The Islamic Regime in Iran is The Most Enemy of the Civil Rights Activists .......

According to HRANA report, Civil rights activist Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh is arrested by the security agents in Iran. Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh was serving his national military service in the city of Tabriz when on last Saturday arrested and transferred to "Parsa Abad " in the city of Moghan . After spending one day in "Parsa Abad" prison, on Sunday he was again transferred to " Meshgin Shahr" prison  . In the past Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh was arrested together with Saeed Hoseini on March last year ( On International Day of Mother Tongue ) for alleged activities of " Mother Tongue " and Naser spend a month in jail and was released on bail.

Iranian civil rights activists are under constant , systematic and arbitrary arrest by the Islamic regime in Iran.  

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

" Sepah " Agents Arrested Several Women Rights Activists and Journalists in Iran .....

According to reports on Monday several women rights activists and journalist were arrested by Sepah's agents. on a wave of raid on women rights activists, several Iranian women were arrested, summoned or threatened by Sepah's agents. Among them Ms. Zahra Khandan and Saha Mortezaei .
Ms. Khandan is a journalist and worked in the past for Etemad and ILNA .

Both Ms.  Saha Mortezaei and Ms. Khandan were student activist in the past. There are no news on their whereabouts . There is a possibility that Sepah agents have taken them to the Ward Number Alef of Sepah in Evin prison.

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Based on Oxfam , Up Until 2016 ,One Percent Rich People of The World Will Own Half The Wealths of The World !

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One Gives Medal, Other Gives Jail term for Deputy President in Iran !!??

According to news Mohammad Reza Rahimi the first deputy of the president Mahoud Ahmadinejad received five years and  91 days jail term and the return of two plus billion Tuman money and one billion Tuman fine for corruption charges, and the corruption happened during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidency.
During Ahmadinejad presidency Billions of Dollar income from national oil revenue were lost or transferred to other countries. In one instance , it was reported last week that 22 billion dollar Iranian national assets was transferred by Babak Zanjani ( a young private businessman - selling Iranian oil to foreign contractors ) to UAE .
Ahmadinejad Government during his presidency earned close to 800 billion dollar just from oil revenue.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Attempt to Assassinate Abdollah Momeni the Reformist Student Leader !

Last Thursday night two motorcycle rider armed with machete assaulted on Abdollah Momeni the Spokesperson for the Advar Tahkim Vahdat ( A reformist -islamist student organization in Iran) . Mr. Momeni was with his son when the attack happened . According to Mr. Momeni's son, the two assailants were young around 20 years of age , with black cloths and bearded , looked like from the radical group, approached to his father and asked for an address, and then they followed Mr. Momeni and kicked him from behind , he fell down inside the house and the attackers tried to hit him with machete but Mr. Momeni kicks them back and that kick saves his life .

Mr. momeni's son said: despite of money , the computer and cell phone ,the assailant  didn't touch anything ,they have only said, you are finished , you are dead ......
Right after the attack ,Mr. Momeni attended at the hospital and also called the police and reported the identities of the assailants.
Mr. Momeni was active in Mr. Karoubi's campaign team in presidential election of 2009 and spent five years in prison and is released recently from prison.


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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Oxfam Gave its Annual Award to Iranian Journalists ( Husband & Wife) Bahman Ahmadi Amouei &Jila Baniyaqoub !

Oxfam presented its 2015 annual award to Iranian journalists Bahman Ahmadi Amouei and Jila Baniyaqoub ( husband and wife) in their absence for their bravery .
IRAN WATCH CANADA : Congratulation to both of them who have put all their life for independent journalism and telling the truth.

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Under Islamic Regime in Iran There is NO Democracy ,Its All Theocracy ....................

The Government Of Hasan Rohani unable to curb the influence of fundamentalists in Iran. The radical/fundamentalists forces have influence without restriction and exception. Hosein Shariatmadari a radical fundamentalist Muslim and manager of the Kayhan newspaper demanded from the judiciary power to ban the publication of Mardom Emrooz newspaper.
The paper is banned from publication because it published in its front page a story about George Cloony who says: I'm Charlie Too......... And Hosein Shariatmadari called it as an offense by the paper.
Mardom Emrooz was running only for 16 days when the prosecutor of Media & culture ordered for its closure. Mohammad Ghochani is the editor in chief and Ahmad Satari is the manger of the newspaper.

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Western Countries Including USA's Support for Saudi King ( Rulers ) and Their Disregard for Human Rights Particularly the Women Rights is Disgusting...... This Graphic video shows the beheading of a Women in Day light in Saudi Streets to Create Fear among the Saudi Women....

The gruesome footage shows Saudi authorities publicly beheading the woman in the holy city of Mecca earlier this week. The execution is the tenth to be carried out in country in the last two weeks; setting 2015 up to be even more bloody than last year, when 87 people were punitively killed by the state.
The video shows the woman, a Burmese resident named as Lalia Bint Abdul Muttablib Basim, screaming while being dragged along the street. Four police officers then hold the woman down before a sword-wielding man slices her head then taking three blows to complete the act. The exceutioner is then found doing his usual habit in every execution: busy wiping his sword to prevent the rusting process of the blade.
Then the ambulance comes with a loud speaker that shouts out “this is the interior ministry” continuing verses from the Quran: “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement, Except those who repent before you have them in your power; so know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”
In the chilling recording, Basim, who was found guilty in a Saudi Sharia court of sexually abusing and murdering her seven-year-old step-daughter and is heard protesting her innocence until the very end.
Saudi Arabia bases its legal system on Sharia and when it comes to the death penalty it can be given for armed robbery, drug-related offences, sorcery, adultery, murder, rape and apostasy from Islam.
Beheading is widely seen in the country as the most humane means of executing but death by stoning, crucifixion, and death by firing squad is also carried out in the holiest city in Islam.
Basim’s execution comes as the Saudi authorities are already under the spotlight for the public flogging of Raif Badawi, a blogger and political activist who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a total of 1,000 lashings for insulting religious authorities.

Saudi Arabia carried out last year, nearly 87 executions, up from nine cases in 2013. Several  international human rights organizations demanded that Saudi Arabia stop the implementation of those provisions and replace them with other forms of punishment.

Video Contain Graphic imagery - Not allowed under 18 to watch this video:

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tasnim News Agency : Mardom Emrooz newspaper is Banned for publication by the public prosecutor because of an article it published in support of the Paper that Insulted the Prophet !!???

According to Tasnim News Agency-

Front Page of Mardom Emrooz Newspaper - George Clooney : I'm Charlie Too .

Mohammad Ghochani with Eights of His Newspaper Banned, holds the Record of Newspaper Closure  !!??

The " Mardom Emrooz " newspaper ( People's Today) with Mohammad Ghochani as its Chief Editor is banned for publication .
The fate of Mardom Emrooz ended like the other reformists newspaper such as :
Hmshahri Mah ( The citizen of the Month) , Sharq ( The East ) ,  Hammihan ( Countrymen) , Shahrvand Emrooz ( Citizen of Today) , Irandokht ( Iran's Daughter) , Etemad Meli ( National Trust) and Aseman ( The Sky) . All these newspapers were manged and edited by Mohammad Ghochani.
Mohammad Ghochani is a reformist journalist who have spent time in prison.
LInk :
Mohammad Ghochani
Mardom Emrooz started its publication on December and was on its #19th publication when this happened .
Ghochani was also editor of these papers in the past , these papers were also shut down :
Asre Ma ( Our Age)
Asre Azadegan ( The Age of Freedom Lovers)
Jameae (Society )
Neshat  ( Happiness )
Khordad ( June)

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Fundamentalist Islamists in Iran React against the cartoon of Mohammad in Charlie Hebdo's New Print!!!

Tasnim News Agency reports-

Naser Arasteh head of the Basij Student Council said, the Basiji students will organize  a rally on Monday at 3:00pm in front of French Embassy and will protest against French Government who have supported the publishing of Mohammad Cartoon in new version of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Fundamentalist Islamist ,like Ansar Hizbullah , Basij Militia , Basij students ,  Members of Jebheh Paydari ( Followers of Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi) and Several members of the Majlis (MP's ) and Sepah Pasdaran , all are the forces regime from time to time brings into the streets of Tehran and other major city's to create fear among Iranian and to push back the reformists and moderate forces.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Iran Islamic Regime Soccer Federation Committee of Moral Warned the National Team players Not To Take Selfi Pictures with Their Supporters !

These pictures shows an Iranian Girl taking picture with her favorite soccer players

Regime Official didn't say whats wrong with taking selfi with fans !!???

Iranian national soccer team is present at Asian Cup 2015-Australia . One of the good things in Australia is the presence of thousands of Iranian living in Australia and are able to attend in the stadiums-men or women ( unlike in Iran -the women are not allowed to attend in stadiums) and support their national team and take pictures with them . But :
Iran Islamic Regime Soccer Federation Committee of Moral Warned the National Team players Not To Take Selfi Pictures with Their Supporters while in Australia!
No country in the world will punish their national team players for taking pictures with their supporters .
This is Islamic garbage .......

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Ya Lesaratolhosein " A publication belong to A group Known as " Ansare Hizbullah " in Iran which is Supported Financially by Khamenei's Office Congratulated the Killings of Charlie Hebdo's Cartoonists !

"Ya Lesaratolhosein " A publication belong to A group Known as " Ansare Hizbullah " in Iran which is Supported Financially by Khamenei's Office Greeted the Killings of Charlie Hebdo's Cartoonists !
Ya Lesaratolhosein in its front page congratulated all Imam Hosein followers for the killing of French cartoonists.
The budget of this publication and their office building is financed by Khamenei's (the leader of the Islamic regime in Iran) office  .
In its weekly publication number 780 ,  is written: "The killing of those who have insulted the prophet Mohammad is a good news. "

It is needed to add that, Ya lesarat publication and the Ansar Hizbullah Group is one of the vicious and radical /fundamentalists Islamic group in Iran Supported by Khamenei, Sepah , Basij and  Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi  .


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Iranian journalist and Human Rightes Defender Ehsan Akbari is Arrested.....

According to Saham News , Ehsan Akbari the Iranian journalist and human rights defender is arrested last night by " Sepah " at his work place.
According to this report Mr. Akbari was active in Musavi and Aref presidential campaign .
The Sepah agents also searched his home and told his family members to visit the Imam Khomini's  public prosecutors office after eight days.
In recent weeks Sapah agents have increased a wave of arrest of the political and human rights activists.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Iranian Cartoonist Nik Kowsar : For Charlie Hebdo

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"This Behavior Against Women Artists Doesn't Happen in Any Part of the World" ...........

Women musician was asked off the stage !!???
These days Alim Qasimov the famous Azari Singer is in Iran and having concert . In one of this concert Qasimov's daughter Forghaneh had to company the concert with her music . The Islamic officials asked her off the stage otherwise the concert won't go ahead . She left the stage and the concert was delayed and Qasimov on the stage told to the audience :
" I respect the Iranian laws , but this behavior against women artists doesn't happen in any part of the world " .
Iran Watch Canada : This is Islamic laws imposed by Islamic regime in Iran . The Islamic regime also doesn't allow women to attend in the stadium to watch the games.  This isn't all , Islamic regime imposed many other laws against women .........

What a shame???......

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Charlie Hebdo's journalists never backed down. They always used their freedom of expression to the fullest, neither yielding to censorship nor censoring themselves. Their use of freedom must now be an example to all of us.

Many of you have taken part in demonstrations or made donations. It is an impressive surge of solidarity in which you all demonstrate your commitment to freedom of expression and information. Today we invite you to express your outrage by signing our appeal to condemn the individuals and governments that think they are justified in killing journalists in religion's name.

Neither censorship nor self-censorship must be allowed to prevail, in the name of Charlie Hebdo and all those who fell while defending our fundamental values.

Reporters Without Borders' team

Let ink flow, not blood

The massacre of Charlie Hebdo’s journalists constitutes the gravest of attacks on our freedoms. This dark hour in the history of the world’s media has highlighted the extreme nature of the violence to which journalists are exposed when they dare to criticize or just question religion – an action often branded as “blasphemy” by fundamentalists.
We appeal for a broad campaign against all the predators of press freedom who use religious grounds to perpetrate horrific acts against journalists and cartoonists. When radical groups open fire with automatic weapons inside news organizations in France, Iraq or Pakistan, it is the public’s rights that are being targeted.
Extremists feel encouraged when certain government pursue draconian policies. When a website creator is sentenced to a thousand lashes in Saudi Arabia for “insulting Islam,” when an Afghan journalist narrowly avoids a death sentence for “blasphemy” or when countries campaign for an international ban on “defamation of religion,” our freedoms are in danger.
So that ink should flow instead of blood, we call on politicians, civil society representatives and religious leaders with a concern for freedom to resist all those who would limit our most fundamental rights.
Link for petition:

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Doudi writes to his dad in prison in Saudi Arabia- Saudi Blogger is sentenced to prison and 1000 lashes , he has to receive 50 lashes everyday .......

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185 Iranian journalists ( inside & outside Iran) condemned the Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris!

On Friday 185 Iranian journalists in a statement condemned the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and emphasized that, violation of any kind ,in any forms and pretext against the freedom of expression and freedom of press is condemned .
The statement says ,today we stand beside the victims of the Charlie Hebdo and the freedom loving people of the world and it is our basic rights to defend the Freedom of Expression and thoughts against repression and violence .
The Association of Iranian Writers also condemned the attack .

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

12 cartoonists and journalists killed at Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris by two individual radical moslem yesterday morning . I can't imagine losing these twelve journalists and cartoonists , some of them so prominent , most talented individuals of a society . It takes so much time to produce these kind of individuals, let alone some of them were at their peak of talents. They could move a society with the strike of their pencils . They were the pioneers of the french society . They were at the forefront of the ideas and when we talk about the intellectuals ,it means these people who like a candle burn to bring light in the society or to enlighten a society .
They are the most informed group of people ,bringing information through their satirical cartoons. 
I'm deeply saddened since yesterday, by befriending with some of the Iranian cartoonists and knowing well about their potentialities , finding this loss a huge one and extend my solidarity with French people and France .

I think France and french people have every right to cry to their bone about these loss. 
It is not about these individuals ,it is about their radical ideas and those who preaches these kinds of ideas . These individuals are lacking knowledge , as the Noble Prize wining girl Yousefzay put it "Education " is what they need . lack of education and knowledge make them vulnerable to brain wash. 
Since 1980's we have come to hear about Mojahedeen , Taliban , ISIS , Boko Al Haram , Al Qaeda ,Al Shabab ...( .Al capon , Al ......) most vicious groups as they were and as they are - of course with their poisonous ideas , faith and beliefs . 
I still can't believe someone takes heavy machine gun and kills people . i believe to eradicate these individuals ,one must go deep in to the societies , schools , faith places or group meetings and find out what they have been taught .
I am all for Free Expression with no limit without violence. Its up to those who have little tolerance to increase their tolerance or capacities. If i take a glass of water and put some amount of salt in it, it will become salty right away, but if i put so much amount of salt into the sea it won't become salty ,What i am trying to say is capacity building, Especially capacity building in closed societies which are left behind either by their governments or by their faiths,ideologies and individually ....
We all know societies change rapidly and with it ,new phenomenons are budding out and we have to face it with full tolerance and find answer for it. It is wrong when someone has little tolerance use violence to achieve their goals. 
Historically we can go back to centuries on these violent type of activities like Assassins .......but in recent years it came to our attention more after 1980's , when Mojahedin in Afghanistan supported by US started their fight against Soviet Union. Mojahedin's leaders like Golbuddin Hekmatyar is still among Taliban like Mulla Omar and.others are in border of Afghanistan and Pakistan . The location where they are is a market place for Gun selling , drug trafficking like heroin , Opium and so on ..... 
We also came to know Radical Muslims in Chechniya , Al Qaeda , Al Shabab , Boko Al Haram , ISIS and so on ...
Lets not to forget just a few weeks ago in Pakistan ,Taliban massacred 100+ young students. 
Frankly speaking US and other allied countries including some Islamic States like Saudi Arabia, Iran ,Pakistan created their own Frankenstein . Feeding mentally, morally and financially to these groups must end right away .
Eradication of fanatic / radical ideas wont come over night , it needs time for governments / countries to work on grass rout level or from the base to build a society with high in capacity and tolerance and against violence in any forms.
Most of these radical groups are located between the borders of countries , an area where no countries can reach them. 
There must be no concession or compromise what so ever with these groups. I say this because there were talks in Afghan Government to make peace with Taliban.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


In Memory of Cartoonist Killed 


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Iran Watch Canada Condemns the Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazin's Office in Paris , Killing 12 Journalists and Cartoonists ..........

Individuals ......Societies .........Groups .....Parties ......need to increase their tolerance . Freedom of Expression will prevail ........
There is no place for violence in any societies . Religious radicals /extremists or ideological extremists harm their societies by embracing violent actions to arrive to their goals.
Iran Watch Canada condemns the religious radicals attacks on Charlie Hebdo Magazine's Office in Paris .


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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Iranian Journalists Association Office Still Closed ......

President Rohani did nothing . Despite of all the request from president Rohani , and the hope for little change when he became president, yet the office of the Iranian journalists Association remains closed . The Iranian journalists Association was found in 1997 with 540 membership at the beginning . Later in 2008 the membership reached at 4000.
Its been five years since the closure of the Association office during Ahmadinejad's Government for various allegation.

The main reason for the continuous closure is that, this regime doesn't want the Iranian journalist have an organization and a meeting place and journalists be united , or the office be a place for young journalist to meet the experienced one and learn more .......

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Saber Mokhled Movaneh The Kordish -Iranian political Prisoners is Executed !!??

Saber Mokhled Movaneh the Iranian Kurdish political prisoner who was transferred to a solitary confinement on Monday is executed early Tuesday morning in Orumieh prison. Saber was from Orumieh city and is executed by hanging . Saber was arrested by Sepah intelligence agents on July 2012 and was sentenced to death because of his membership and collaboration with Kumleh political party of Kurdestan and action against national security. Saber was among those Kurdish political prisoners in Orumeih prison went on hunger strike last month for a long period of time.

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Monday, January 05, 2015

First Deputy of the Islamic Republic Judiciary : The Leaders of the Green Movement Will Go on Trial in the Future .....

On Monday ( Today) Mr. Mohseni Ejeie the first deputy of the Islamic Republic judiciary in his 74th press conference  on a question about the trial of the green movement leader said: "If one day the situation is ready , the seditious leaders (green movement leaders) will go on trial and the people will be informed ."


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The Personal Website of Ali Motahari an Iranian MP is Out of Reach !!??

The Personal website of Ali Motahari a conservative MP is out of reach because of a post on a letter he wrote to Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary about the house arrest of three leaders of green movement . In the letter Mr. Motahari questioned about the judicial system of the Islamic Republic and a comments made by the head of the judiciary . The head of judiciary on a question put to him about the house arrest without trial said: " The house arrest i legal and putting the leaders of the green movement on trial needs a sanction law ratified by national security council . "
MP Motahari said: Unfortunately your reason for the house arrest is weak and it brings the democratic foundation of the Islamic Republic and the constitution under question .
What the head of judiciary said isn't true , instead he said earlier that,  " if they put the green movement leader s on trial ,they may get a tribune to speak their voice" !!!.????

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Islamic Regime in Iran Banned Mr. Majid Derakhshani the Iranian Musician From Leaving Iran !!!????

Mr. Derakhshani was about to travel to Dubai when noticed he is banned to leave Iran. Mr. Derakhshani today told to BBC -Farsi that, the police forces at the Airport confiscated his passport and asked him to attend at the passport office later and find out about his ban on travel.
His music group known as " Mah " and " Mahbanoo" in the last two months were summoned by the security officials for interrogations.
Mr. Derakhshani said: the agents did not say anything about for his ban on travel but based on the past interrogations they were concerned about why there are women singer in his group.
This group in October 2013 performed their first concert in Europe and the group has two women singer.

 Link to news :

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