Monday, January 05, 2015

Islamic Regime in Iran Banned Mr. Majid Derakhshani the Iranian Musician From Leaving Iran !!!????

Mr. Derakhshani was about to travel to Dubai when noticed he is banned to leave Iran. Mr. Derakhshani today told to BBC -Farsi that, the police forces at the Airport confiscated his passport and asked him to attend at the passport office later and find out about his ban on travel.
His music group known as " Mah " and " Mahbanoo" in the last two months were summoned by the security officials for interrogations.
Mr. Derakhshani said: the agents did not say anything about for his ban on travel but based on the past interrogations they were concerned about why there are women singer in his group.
This group in October 2013 performed their first concert in Europe and the group has two women singer.

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