Saturday, December 27, 2014

Under The Government of Hasan Rohani , An Agent Threatened To Peel off The Skin of a Peaceful Human Rights Defender !

Islamic Republic Agents with Medieval (ISIS ) thoughts against Human Rights defenders!!???
One Agent: I will Peel Off Your Skin ........ 

Reza Khandan is the husband of Nasrin Sotoudeh a well known lawyer and human rights defender and international award winner for her bravery and for defending human rights in Iran . Reza Khandan on his Facebook wall wrote that, I , together with Nasrin and a friend were on our  way to a town called Shahriar to attend to a memorial gathering for Mostafa Karim Beigi a young man killed during green movement protest in 2009.
He wrote: when we arrived in the city , the agents blocked our  car and arrested us without any court summons , while in detention , we saw Ms. Narges Mohammadi , Mr. Mohammad Maleki , doctor Hosein Rafiei and Mahoud Saber were detained as well. Some of my documents including my driving license were lost while in detention. An agent who have arrested us in the past in Tehran was there and before going to detention in front of the driver and a security agent from Shahriar told me : I will peel off your skin from your body .  After 4-5 hours we were released ."

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