Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners in Orumieh Prison has Ended After 33 Days Resistance .........

According to a report by "Campaign in defense of political prisoners in Iran ", the 28 political prisoners of Orumieh prison in a statement announced they have ended their hunger strike after 33 days resistance . They started their hunger strike by demanding that ,the political prisoners be separated from criminal prisoners and requested from prison official to return them to ward 13 ,where they were in the past.
The statement reads:
"We the political prisoners in Orumieh prison started the hunger strike to demand that ; the Islamic Republic to end the  pressure - and violence against political prisoners , the strike were continued for 33 days . "
One other demand of political prisoner was to separate them from the criminals .
Regime usually uses tactics by transferring political prisoners to the criminal prisoner's ward . In this instance the political prisoners resistance after 33 days of hunger strike pushed back the Islamic Republic , so the regime had no choice but to transfer 40 non political prisoners to other wards and 13 political prisoner to ward 12 .

The statement says:
"The regime have made a promise to fulfill the other demands of the political prisoners ."

Thanks to all human rights organizations around the world who have spread the voices of Iranian political prisoners .  

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