Monday, December 15, 2014

Iranian Nurses Are Out Protesting For Their Rights !

ILNA reporting -
Hundreds of nurses in Iran have gathered in front of the presidential building and demanded justice for nurses.
On Sunday morning more than 700 nurses from public and private sector coming from Tehran, Isfahan, Gilan and Mazanderan gathered in front of the presidential building demanding justice for nurses in terms of salary and other benefit including more hiring .
They have said, more nurses were going to join the protest  from other part of Iran but one of the Government organization called them and stopped them from attending .

Some of the slogans read:
" We are 93% "
" Real Wall Street in Iran's Health Care System"
" 5% of the health Care team Takes Away 95% of the budget "
" We are protesting against injustices"
" More Nurses are Immigrating because of less attention by the authorities "
One nurse said: unfortunately a kind of atmosphere were created by putting the nurses and doctors in a confrontational situation. Doctors who were receiving 30 million Tuman salary now receives 90 million while there is no change in nurses salaries.


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