Monday, December 15, 2014

29 Political prisoners of Orumieh Prison in Iran Start their Dry Hunger strike After 24 Days of Wet Hunger Strike !

News coming from Iran indicates that, The 29 political prisoners of Orumieh prison in Iran have started their Dry Hunger Strike After 24 days of Wet Hunger Strike. As a result of this dry hunger strike since yesterday the health condition of 8 of the hunger striker is life threatening. These Kurdish Iranian political prisoners earlier demanded their ward be separated from the criminal prisoners. This is just one of their main demands. Instead of finding a solution ,the prison officials of the Islamic Republic are threatening the prisoners to end their hunger strike . The hunger strikers have said, they will continue their strike until the prison officials agree with their demands. Meanwhile , political prisoner Saman Nasim the youngest striker said, even if i'll die ,i'm not going to break my hunger strike !

There are also news that, the family members of these hunger strikers in protest against Islamic regime policy towards political prisoners staged their second days of hunger strike in front of Iraqi Kurdistan legislative assembly in Soleymanieh city. It is believed that Masoud Shamsnejad the lawyer of these Kurdish Iranian political prisoners is also among the hunger strikers.

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