Thursday, December 04, 2014

Child Marriage in Iran under Islamic regime

Child & Teen Marriage in Iran .

On November 21 UN has ratified a resolution prohibiting marriage under 18 years of age and demanded all its members to follow the resolution banning the marriage under 18 years of age. At present 700 Million women around the world are believed to have married when they were under 18 years of age and out of this number 250 million were under 15 years of age.
MP Mohammad Ali Esfenani member of the judiciary committee in this regard said :
"In Iran only 3% of all registered marriage are under 16 years of age. We have learned by experience by banning the marriage under 16 years of age will bring negative result . The number of marriage registered under 15 in Iran was 41000 person . 30% of the all marriage in Iran is between the 15 and 19 years of age.

One must know that in rural area of Iran , children as old as 9 are also believed to be married in conservative /religious families . Some of the officials of the Islamic regime in Iran are also believed to have married with child or teen before or after revolution. For example Khomeini the founder of the Islamic regime in Iran married with a 10 year old when he was 28. Iran under Islamic regime is not the only one allowing child marriage ,countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan , Turkey and countries in the Middle East and Africa have similar practice.Link:

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