Sunday, November 30, 2014

Political Prisoners All Over Iran Are Joining the Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners in Orumieh Prison !

Based on a report by "Campaign in Defense of Political Prisoners " several political prisoners in Rejaei Shahr , Zahedan , Sanandaj and the political prisoners in the southern part of Iran are joining the hunger strike of the political prisoners in Orumieh prison . Therefore , it seems that,the hunger strike of the political prisoners in Iran is going to be from coast to coast in Iran.
Political prisoners are demanding from the prison officials to separate them from the criminal prisoners and to stop the discriminatory and inhuman treatment inside prisons.

Report indicate that , since November 20,2014 29 prisoners from Orumieh prison went on hunger strike ,demanding from prison officials to separate them from criminal prisoners and to stop discriminatory and inhuman treatments inside prisons.
Some of these prisoners are having health problems and human rights organizations are worried about their health and safety.
Report also indicate that, 20 prisoners from Zahedan prison in a letter supported the Orumieh prisoners and joined their hunger strike.
Orumieh Prison
At present 45 Kurdish prisoners are in Orumieh prison and ten of them are on a death row .
Here are the names of  29 political prisoners of Orumieh Prison who have been on hunger strike since Nov. 20,2014:
1- Ali Afshari
2- Jafar Afshari
3-Vali Afshari
4- Habib Afshari
5-Mansour Arvand
6- Keyhan Darvishi
7- Shirkoh Hasanpour
8- Mohammad Abdolahi
9- Khazar Rasouli Rad
10- Saman Nasim
11- Amir Moladoost
12- Sirvan Nejavi
13-Jafar Mirezaei
14- Ebrahim Rezapour
15-Mohammad Abdolbakht
16- Abdollah Asghari
17- Arafat Asghari
18-Abdolrahman Soleyman
19- Seyed Sami Hoseini
20- Abdolah Mahmoudi
21- Ahmad Tamouei
22- Osman Mostafapour
23- Behrouz Alkhani
24- Mostafa Alrahman
25- Yousef kakeh-mami
26- Seyed Jamal Mohammadi
27- Alireza Rasouli
28- Shouresh Afshari
29- Mostafa Dawoodi

Political prisoners of Rejaei Shahr prison who have joined the hunger strike in support of Orumieh Political prisoners:
1- Saleh Kohandel
2-Shahrokh Zamani
3-Asadollah Hadi
4- Reza Akbari-Monfared
5- Abolghasem Fouladvand
6-Alireza Farahani
7-Iraj Hatami
8- Afshin Heyratian
9- Farid Azmoudeh
10-Zaniar Moradi
11-Behnam Ebrahimzadeh
12- Loghman Moradi
Political prisoners in Zahedan Prison who have joined the hunger strike:
1- Sheikh Mohammad Balouchzehi
2-Khatib Mohammad Naghshbandi
3-Mohammad Amin Agoshi
4-Iraj Mohammadi
5-Ayoub Rigi
6- Abdolghani Rigi
7-Malek Mohammad Abadian
8-Javad Abadian
9-Hadi Abadian
10- Nezamodin Molazadeh
11- Jaber Abadian
12-Golmohammad Balil-ili
13- Abdolghafar Naghshbandi
14- Parviz Zeinodini
15- Jon Mohammad Bary
16-Gholam Mohammad Balouch
17- Zobair Hood
18- Lalmohammad Shahri
19- Doost mohammad Nouri
20-Masoud Narouei

Including a group of political prisoners in Sanandaj Prison and Iranian -Kurdish prisoners in the souther city prisons.

Iran Watch Canada: Support these political prisoners , write letter to the authority and condemn the inhuman treatment of political prisoners . Although we the Iranian are living  in exile -but how can we forget the political prisoners in our country and around the world . Make this task as your first priority. Make your voice heard ........


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