Thursday, November 20, 2014

News - Hossein Derakhshan The controversial Iranian blogger Is released from Prison.!!???

Hossein Derakhshan is one of the first Iranian blogger in Iran . He left Iran for Canada on 1999 after finishing his studies in Social Science. After spending some time in Canada he then left Canada on 2006 to London to continue his education in Media studies . Because of his activities in creating blogs and blogging and two weeks after return to Iran on 2010 he was arrested and detained , he was first sentenced to 19 and a half years imprisonment , he spend 6 years in prison and the rest of his sentence was pardoned by Khamenei the leader of the Islamic regime .
Hossein Derakhshan is a controversial blogger because before returning to Iran he attacked human rights advocates and journalists .
News about his release came today which shows Hossein Derakhshan as saying  :
" I'm freed , After six years,  Thanks God,  thanks to his excellency Ayatollah Khamenei  and thanks to those who have prayed for me those hard days."


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