Monday, November 10, 2014

Islamic Regime in Iran Uses All the Tactics to Silence the Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society Organizations.........

Narges Mohammadi the spokesperson for the " Defenders of the Human Rights Center in Iran" was summoned earlier by prosecutor to attend at Evin prison today for the speech she made recently on the second anniversary killing of Satar Beheshti at Satar's grave site in Behesht Zahra and Satar's moms home , she also spoke on gathering in front of parliement about the recent Acid attacks on Iranian women. She attended at Evin prison while accompanied by Mohammad Maleki, Mohammad Nourizad , Gohar Eshghi ( Satar's mom) and several others . She was interrogated for six and a half hours by two organizations , the security organization and by prosecutor at Evin prison.
She was able to return home after the interrogation but she said ; the security forces are planning to totally silence the human rights organizations in Iran.

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