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Narges Mohamadi Spokesperson of the Human Rights Defenders Center in Iran , Sopk in the house of Satar Beheshti's Mom- Full Text ....

Brought to you by  Iran Watch Canada - Dedicated to this brave Iranian woman.
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Here is the full speech of Narges Mohammadi :

Greeting to all friends,  in truth ,when i was on my way here, there were a tune or elegy in the streets because of the Ashura ( a mourning day from the holy months ) ,  well , which takes us all to a state of emotion ,  while coming this long road to attend in the second anniversary killing of Satar Beheshti, all of these together  made me upset , of what had happened in this two years, especially to the mother of Satar Beheshti , how much pain and suffering inflicted on this mother. Satar Beheshti was killed under torture. the case file of Satar Beheshti is completely clear and obvious. There are no uncertainties about the killing of Satar behesti in his case file. We are here together with Mrs. Pourfazel ( Satar beheshti's lawyer ) ,she has examined this file precisely , all the evidences, the coroners report and the report from Satar Beheshti's doctor in the Evin prison ( all have been certified ) although the doctor was detained but remained on his position about his report, and all the cell mates of Satar beheshti in ward number 350 of Evin prison approved that Satar Beheshti was killed under the torture by a torturer,  there are no doubts and suspicion about these what so ever , and my question in these holy month from the officials of the Islamic republic is this; do you have any act of evil greater than the crime for killing of a human being ? If you rely on Quran ,we all have the holy script . Is there something greater than killing or letting an oppressed or innocent person to bleed to death ? Or is the breaking law by a woman for letting a string of her hair be seen by people greater than the killing of a person ? Have you forget the verse of the Quran which says,if a human being is killed oppressively or unjustifiably it would means that  human society is killed , have you forget this? These days we are witnessing about a bill in the parliament ( Majles) which is known as " Amre Be Maarouf & Nahy Az Monkar" ( forces that are in the society to observe people following the Sharia law/ or not acting evil - particularly the hijab and forcing them to correct their hijab ) ,  all of us the Iranian are witnessing this all together , today is the second anniversary killing of Satar Beheshti , did any of these forces during the last two years say anything about Satar to his mother?, my question from the members of the parliament who have put their support for this bill  is this , didn't you hear about the  killing of Satar Beheshti , Said Zinaly , Sohrab Arabi, Neda Aghasultan , Haleh sahabi and Hoda Saber ? Yes , you have heard it but you are acting as if it wasn't you who have put your support for that bill- against unjustified or unlawful act? how is that ,the relationship of a boy and girl for you is an act of evil, which you have made these much noise in the country ,  but killing of a human being for you is not an act of evil which made noise all over the world for it, why then we didn't hear any voices from any state officials ? These days is the day of Hossein ( Shia martyred Imam ) ,Hossein is the greatest actor against the evil act by the state ,  although he lost his life but left one thing for us that you can be the actor against the evil act of repressive state, against the cruelty of the state officials, did we see any citizen as an actor to act against the evil act of the state? , none we haven't , but we have seen state sponsored actors against the citizens . and this is a wrong address . the evil act and the actor to forbid it is not as we see in our society , therefore there are doubts about this bill and the introduction of this bill by the Mp's  in the Islamic parliament . As we have taken placards in our hands in front of the Majles ( parliament ) to remove this bill from the agenda of the majles . As a women rights activist and as a human rights advocate, i say at the second anniversary killing of Satar beheshti, that this bill must be removed from the agenda of the parliament , and surely if this bill is passed by parliament ,Iran will face greater crisis and the rights of Iranian citizen will face more discrimination and degradation  , therefore as a civil society activist ,we announce today that ,this bill will bring discrimination , will cause citizens rights violation and will cause human rights violation and  undoubtedly it is a political act , and not a  moral or creating value
in the society . Since the year 2009 without going back to the 80's , the youth that are present here remember that; how many people have been killed unjustifiably , and this is the act of evil and we demand justice for these evil acts. Is there any evil act bigger than the evil act of corruptions  in this country ? which means  to plunder the pocket of the nation , meaning permanently to keep the poverty in this country , and then bringing  the victims of the poverty to the courts  , is there any organization created to act against the evil act of corruptions which is greater  than the act of breaking law by a woman for letting a string of her hair be seen by people? Did the MP's acted in a way the wealth of the nation brought back to them? No , the answer is clear . was  the case file of Satar beheshti reviewed ? Did the torturer of Satar receive punishment? This is not an act of evil ? was the case file of " Kahrizak " ( a prison where many young protesters of green movement were tortured to death by judge Mortazavi and others) reviewed ? And all of these are the evil acts which the society emphasize on it , and the society is active on these all , and are waiting to hear answers from the state . And as long as  there is no response for all these evil acts, then it seems the act of relationship between a boy and girl or the issue of their hair and the peoples appearance is just a joke .  Therefore we protest from here to this bill, and we announce our protest against the states for ignoring the violation of human rights as the highest act of evil for these recent years , May the spirit of Satar Beheshti be happy .

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