Friday, October 31, 2014

Narges Mohammadi on the 2nd Anniversary of Satar Beheshti's Killing .....

The second anniversary of Satar Behesti's killing was held in Satar's family home at Robat Karim .
Those who have participated were Satar's mom and sister and several civil & human rights advocates including Ms. Narges Mohammadi , Mr. Mohammad Maleki , Esmael Mokhtari ( Mohammad Mokhtari's father ), Nasrin Sotoudeh , Ahmad & Said Montazeri ( Ayatollah Montazeri's sons ) , Firouzeh Saber ( Hoda Saber's sister) and many more attended at Satar's family home and paid respect .... . They then accompanied Satar's mom to the grave of Satar at Beheshte Zahra's Cemetery .

Many of the well known civil & human rights advocates spoke to the gathering including Ms. Narges Mohammadi who have said:

" Satar's torturer at the presence  of Satar's mom and Ms. Pourfazel ( Satar's lawyer) and the judge of the case confessed that: I did kill Satar under torture, Satar was laughing and i was beating him , and i beat him so much until he died .
We must write this in history , in a court were a torturer says; he beat the person so much until he died. Did you ever see a criminal case as clear as this ? "

See the video - what a brave woman ....Iran and Iranian must be proud of these women.

Satar Beheshti was a worker and blogger.


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