Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Regime's Parliament Said No to President Rohani's Nominated Minister for Science & Education ...

Islamic Regime's Parliament in Iran a Regime Made Parliament .!
These parliament is one of the worse parliament ever the Iranian people saw. Most of these MP's are not elected by the people in their riding's as the regime try's the people to believe them they are. Regime had learned during the last 35 years of its reign , how to engineer the elections and how to create an atmosphere of fear among the people to keep running the country. This parliament is headed by Ali larijani one of the Larijani brothers ( Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is the head of Judiciary and Javad Larijani is the head of commission on Human rights )who are well known for corruptions ( Land transfer and money laundering )and all have biased stand against the interest of the Iranian people and Iran . Iranian people now call this parliament as a regime made parliament , This Parliament is  even against Hassan Rohani's Government which is a so called moderate one .  to see why this parliament is against the people interest is ...because just today, the MP's voted No to the President's Minister nominees for Science & education  ( out of 246 MP's 160 MP's voted No )

The majority of the current MP's also voted No to the last Minister nominees of president , that is because these ministers are trying to disclose the great scandal which was going on during Ahmadinajad's Government in that ministry . So the ministry has no minister since Hassan Rohani became president . So , by saying No to these ministers , the Current conservative &fundamentalist MP's wants to stop this minister for further disclosing about the scandal -which is a huge scandal about students ( Perhaps son or daughters of officials) who did not pass the ministries standards to receive free education paid by Government to study inside and outside of Iran.
In recent week this parliament also approved a bill which emphasized more about dress code and encouraged radical Muslim's to be vigilant on those women breaking the dress code ,
 which resulted these radicals to pouring acid on women in the city of Isfahan.   
In short People have no interest in this parliament and does not expect a major change in the future .

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