Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today the Islamic Judiciary in Rejaei Shahr Prison Hanged Rehaneh Jabari The Young Iranian Actor !


The whole Conscientious Iranian Are in Shock today  !
How could this happen ? While the whole world from UN to High ranking politicians and world human rights communities petitioned in support of Reyhaneh .
How could Islamic judiciary neglect all these protest and go ahead to hang this young woman ,who did nothing but according to her defense to protect herself from sexual assault happening by a member of the regime security intelligence forces.
Rehaneh Jabari the young Iranian actor was just 19 when she was lured by Morteza Sarbandi a member of the Ministry of Information to a house and was about to sexually assaulted when she used a knife to defend herself which ended him dead and then she called the police and ambulance .

Reyhaneh Jabbari's mom said:
"Me, her dad , her two sisters , her grand ma and dad went to the prosecutors office in Shahre Ray -Varamin prison and the prosecutor told  us about the situation ( that , the victims family aren't agreeing to forgive her and she is going to be executed by hanging according to " Ghesas " the Islamic law ) and we asked him where they are taking her , he didn't say where ??!!. Reyhaneh had fever at the time. "

Before  her execution ,she had written a very painful and sad testament /will .

This morning Reyhaneh was Executed by hanging in Rejaei Shahr prison in the city of Karaj.
This case brought many attention in Iran and the whole world . Now we have to see what the people of Iran will do about this unfair justice system ,because they themselves also deal with the same justice system .

My heart is broken this morning ....

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