Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Phenomena of Acid Throwing on Iranian Women in the City Streets Of Isfahan and Iran in general...........

Keyhan newspaper ,a fundamentalist voice , wrote nothing about this issue on its front page. Keyhan Newspaper is run by Hosein Shariatmadari an ISIS style Islamic thinker in Iran!


Raja news the website of " Jebhe Paydari " another fundamentalist voice only wrote about Mohseni Ejei's press conference on this issue.

Yousof Tabatabaeinejad The Friday prayer imam of Isfahan who was one of the instigator of these kinds of barbaric acts , now is saying he did not tell his followers to throw acid on women who does not follow the hejab .

Mohseni Ejei spokesperson for judiciary said, the criminal acid throwing act did not happen because of breaking the hejab code . because these women had hejab and we can't approve the reports by some websites about this issue ..
His response in fact is a threat against those website who have reported about the acid throwing.

Recently in the city of Isfahan 10 women fell victims of Acid throwing on them , as result of this inhuman act One woman died and one other lost her eye and the rest lost their facial appearances.

Yesterday people of Isfahan and Tehran gathered in front of prosecutors office and parliament to protest against these barbaric act by fundamentalists .

People of Isfahan in a communique to all Iranian asked them to join the protest .

 The following pictures shows the people of Isfahan and Tehran protest against this issue:

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