Saturday, October 18, 2014

With the Help of Film makers and Actors in Iran the Execution of Reyhaneh Jabari pushed back for another 10 Days !

In the news /....

Time is running .....the family of Reyhaneh Jabari including her mom know this very well .
The Iranian Film makers and Actors and human rights community as well as the No to Execution group in Iran were able to push back the execution of Reyhaneh Jabari to another 10 days.  Reyhaneh Jabari is the young Iranian woman who is accused of killing a person who was intending to sexually assault her and she is sentenced to death by " Gesas " the Islamic Sharia law.

Up to now three members of the victims family including the victims mom is willing to forgive her, of course with the negotiation of film makers and victims family. The Film makers have another 10 days to work on other members of the family to convince them to forgive this young woman. Why film makers are so much active on this case ,its because Reyhane's mom is an actor and film maker and Reyhaneh herself is a film actress.

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