Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week Two - Prison News Bulletin

1- Saeed Shirzad a children's rights advocate was arrested on June this year at his work place in Tabriz oil refinery and spent four months in jail , he was released and arrested again because he was following the situation of political prisoners children.

2- Nahid Gorji a social networking activist is arrested last night in the city of Mashhad.
According to HRANA last night security forces attended at her house and arrested her .

The agents also searched her house and taken away her personal computer , camera and cell phone.
She was transferred to Kouh Sangee court of revolution and her only charges are; using the Facebook, Wiber and Whats up ......

33 days have past since the arrest of Arash Sadeghi but there are no news about this political prisoner.
After a year release from prison Arash is arrested again on the evening of early September.
Arash Sadeghi is a student activist and a civil rights advocate.

No one knows the reason for his second time arrest.
Because of inhuman torture his shoulder and rib is broken and need medical treatments.

Mr. Kazemini Brojerdi a faith based political prisoner is been kept in a solitary confinement while hi feet and hands are in chain and he told his family that it looks like ,he is been kept in a cell before taking him for execution and he told his family that, he is worries for his followers . He also said , that he is been tortured. His family are worries about his situation and are asking all human rights organization to help -release him from prison.


On last Saturday the security agents together with Basiji personnel  assaulted on the house of Mohammad Hossein Panahi the father of Anvar Hossein Panahi a well known Kurdish civil rights advocate . The agents searched the house and the family members , they also harassed and threatened them.
Anvar Hossein Panahi was sentenced to death in Sanandaj city court for his civil rights activities but because of world wide support for Mr. Panahi and pressure on regime his sentence was dropped to six years imprisonment . He finished his six years term and is released on bail.
Regime agents targets all family members if one family member is an activist.


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