Friday, October 10, 2014

Ali Motahari Tehran MP in a Letter to President Rohani wrote : If President continues neglecting the situation of House Arrests and Internal Politics , i will bring president in parliament for questioning !?!

Ali Motahari is an MP and the son of Ayatolah Motahari ( one of the strong Islamic theologian) . He was a conservative MP but gradually changed his position and became the voice of moderates in the Islamic regime. In a letter to president Rohani he said , he is considering to bring president to the parliament for questioning if the president continues neglecting the internal politics and particularly the issue of the house arrests of the green movement leaders who are under house arrest without a court conviction. He added : Those who are against your government ( the radicals Islamists) are taking offensive position because of your silence in internal politics.

Several time in the past Mr. Ali Motahari questioned the situation of green movement leaders who are under house arrest without court procedure and called their house arrest illegal.

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