Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zaniyar Moradi Iranian Political Prisoner Sentenced to Death : Everyone Must Know That I Am Innocent !

Zaniyar Moradi a 24 years old Iranian  political prisoner sentenced to death in a letter to Khodneveis website:
"I hope there comes a day that i could prove my innocence in an unbiased court and everyone will know that i am innocent.  "

Zaniyar wrote:
"I starred at the pictures , i could only recognize only my father , i could not recognize them well, but when i looked at the back of the picture it was written: your father , mother and sister " Dideh" ."
This political prisoner spoke about the being far from his family and life behind the prison bars and injustices.
It was a few days ago in the prison via post i received a letter from a relative,there was a few pictures , i starred at the pictures and was able only to recognize my father, i saw a woman whose hair was white and had a worried face and a girl was standing beside her , i was unable to recognize her well, when i saw at the back of the picture ,it was written : your father, mother and sister " Dideh".
Tears dropped from my eyes, didn't know these tears are for a mother i haven't seen her in the last six years and now her face is strange for me,  or for a sister who have grown up and is waiting her brother to come out from behind the bars , bars that are build on injustice."

IRAN WATCH CANADA: who can read these words and hold his tears.

Hassan Rohani the president of the Islamic regime in Iran released his charter for  citizen's rights, but where is his charter and his defense for Iranian citizens who are being sent to prison and sentenced for years or being executed.

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