Wednesday, September 24, 2014

While Media all over the world Is Covered With News about ISIS ...Human Rights Violations remains under Shadow , Thanks to ISIS and those who have Created ISIS and Control the Media...

ISIS.....ISIS .......ISIS  .....or ...Iran's Nuclear Talks.....or ........ Is covered all the media's front pages around the world ..But very little to none  about the world worsening human rights situation and even UN session and their reports on violation of human rights around the world.

Why the world has become so ignorant about human rights ? Is it because the people are fed up with supper powers playing double standards?
After the creation of UN and the coming of human rights charter , world public become hopeful that human rights revolution would change the world  or eliminate and at least reduce the violation of human rights , discrimination , racism , ethnic and religious conflict .........but look where we are now? Its a mess every where we look .
We Need a world wide action  or movement against violation of human rights . And for this the role of  Human Rights organizations around the world would become more harder from now on , more action must take the place of issuing letter or resolutions and protest letters . The human rights organizations around the world need new approach to the increasing violation of human rights .

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