Sunday, September 21, 2014

Iranian Dervishes on their 21 Days of Hunger Strike ..........

Islamic regime in Iran talks about Islamic human rights !!???, Their Islamic human rights does not even includes Sunni Moslems and Dervishes !!???

Saturday September 20-
According to the website of  Iran Gonabadi Dervishes (" Majzoban Noor" ) , on Saturday September 21 Iranian Dervishes including the family members of those 9 imprisoned Dervishes who are currently on hunger strike planned to gather in front of Tehran public prosecutor office in support of the demands of imprisoned Dervirshes, the security and anti riot police forces of the Islamic regime attacked and prevented their protest , as a result, the protesters were beaten by baton and more than 800 were arrested and detained . later the website released the names of 450 of those detained .

Sunday September 21-
About 300-400 Iranian Dervishes continued their protest today Sunday morning at around " Behesht Street " in support of imprisoned Dervishes and as a result 50 of these Dervishes were wounded including one  woman who's arm was broken due to police attacking and beating them with baton. According to report during the attack ,the police forces took away and or broken their mobile phones.


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