Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Rohani's Government in Iran : UN Human Rights Report on Iran is politically opinionated !

The Two Mohammad Javad believe there are no violation of human Rights in the Islamic Regime in Iran !
ISNA reporting:

Mohammad Javad Zarif the foreign minister of Hassan Rohani's government who is in New York have met Ban Ki Moon the head of UN on Thursday and expressed the UN General Secretaries' report is contrary to the real trend , programs and actions of the Government and called the report as politically opinionated one . He said: UN only reports about Iran and makes no report about other countries in the region, and this is not acceptable. He also said : The preparation of such reports is politically opinionated and it is a double standard.

Mohammad Javad  Zarif  the foreign minister is playing same music as Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of human rights commission of the Islamic regime in Iran .

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