Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nine Imprisoned Dervishes : We Are Not Dying of This Hunger Strike But Being Killed !

 Alert ........Alert..........Imprisoned Derwishes Are dying in Islamic Regime's Jail !
They need human rights organizations support .

Nine Iranian imprisoned Derwishes from Evin and Shiraz ( Nezam) prison in a Letter (will ) to all Derwishes said : We are not dying of hunger strike but being killed and you must follow our case after us, until those who have killed us brought to justice. Out of these derwishes three have even refused the medications.

The names of these derwishes are:
Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani
Afshin Karampour
Farshid Yadollahi
Reza Entesari
Amir Eslami
Omid behrouzi
Mostafa Daneshjou
Mostafa Abdi
Kasra Nouri
These derwishes went on hunger strike since last week and demanded all imprisoned derwishe be released , to end looking at them as security threat , and to end violation of derwishes rights.

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