Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Hackers Attacked on the Facebook of Peace Activist Campaign in Exile !

Saham News reported that:
Since 11:00 pm Saturday the hackers took control of the Facebook page of Peace Activist Campaign in Exile. Therefore the management of the Facebook has no longer control on it . The reason of the attack is because of the recent arrests of many Iranian civil society activists .

The campaign in a communique asked all those who are in contact with the campaign not to send any emails of messages to the campaign due to the fear of persecution by Islamic regime in Iran.
The communique also said it will report through the website when the Facebook page will activate again .

The Islamic regime in Iran let the fundamentalists do their activities against Iranian people particularly the women while they arrest or detain the Iranian civil society activists. This can only bring a more radical Islamists in Iranian society in the future .
Iranian people of course know and will find ways to tackle the regimes blue prints.


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