Saturday, August 30, 2014

Destructive Policies of the Islamic Regime in Iran and the Crisis of Water !

Destructive policy of the Islamic regime in Iran in the last 35 years is showing its real faces and challenges now . Construction of many dams in Iran without proper studies and analysis and its effect on water supplies and environment caused at least two famous river and lake like Zayandeh Rood in Isfahan and Orumieh Lake in Azarbayejan to dry and the people living in the two area have been on protest against these policies of the regime for some times now .
Recently People of Isfahan ,including 500 environmental activists gathered in the Zayandeh Rood to protest and demand the regime and Government of Rohani to find a quick solution for the Zayandeh Rood water . It is reported that there were clashes between people and riot and security forces of the regime.
People signed a long petition demanding regime to find a quick solution and chanted or carried signs which reads : Bring back the water to Zayandeh Rood, Mr. president ! solve the water problem of Isfahan,  Mr. President ! We only need water - The land is dry , We need our river , live and flowing /running.


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