Sunday, August 24, 2014

Islamic Regime in Iran & Opportunity for the Growth of Iranian Fundamentalist Isis Style .....

The Islamic regime in Iran is creating a golden opportunity only for  Islamic fundamentalist Isis style in Iran while making it hard for Islamic reformists in Iran to breath . Like the Monarchy regime before the revolution which gave opportunity to Islamic groups only in Iran by letting the Islamic group have their prayer and gatherings and denying any opportunity to progressive and democratic Iranian political groups.
It was reported that recently a man ( named as M. N ) in the town of Abarkuh in the Yazd province was sentenced to  a year in prison and some fine as well as losing fingers of hand for robberies and fraud . This mans fingers were cut off in public by Guillotine.  
These kinds of act by Islamic regime in Iran will only feed to the growth of Islamic fundamentalists in Iran and its responsibilities lay only on Khamenei and his regime.

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