Wednesday, August 06, 2014

11 Prisoners have lost their lives in a Fire in "Shahre Kord " city prison in Iran and 15 others were transferred to Hospital !

The fire in Shahre Kord prison in Iran killed 11 prisoners and sent 15 others to hospital.

According to news on last Monday a fire in Shahre Kord city prison killed 11 prisoners and sent 15 others to hospital. One of these prisoners is in critical condition and is in coma. Report indicate that through video the officials have identified the person who made the fire and a team from Tehran is investigating the cause of the fire. The news also says , a small fire started from a ward and prisoners tried to control the fire by throwing a blanket on the fire but the fire escalated .

This isn't the first time of fire in a prison in Iran - in 2010 another fire in Ghazal Hesar prison in Tehran killed 10 prisoners.

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