Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Islamic Regime in Iran Arrested Several Iranian Arab from the City of Ahwaz !

According to news several Iranian Arab Ahwazi are arrested and detained by regime security forces after "Aid Feter " an Islamic holly festivities.
On Aid Feter Iranian Arab from the city of Ahwaz every year as a festivities make a visit to the families of those political prisoners and those who have been killed or martyred. During this ceremonies they sing and chant slogan .  News indicates 13 days after the Aid Feter the security agents of the regime have arrested several Arab Ahwazi youth activist from the district of Malashi, Kout Abdella , Alavi district and other areas in the city of Ahwaz.
Those arrested are:
Mohammad Betrani ( his two brother ,one a poet were killed during uprising in 2005 )
Abbas Sawary
Mohammad Siyahi ( He was arrested in the past as well)
Asad Salehi a petroleum engineer
Others identity is not yet known.


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