Friday, August 22, 2014

Iranian Workers protest for The Arrest of their Colleaguegues and Islamic Regime Sends Its Anti Riot Police !

Workers of Iron Ore Mine in "Bafgh" region protested when the Islamic regime arrested two of their colleagues and planned to arrest 16 other workers .

There are more than 5000 workers working in Bafgh Iron Ore Mine. Earlier the workers left their job for 39 days because of the management plan to privatize the mine . The two workers who are arrested are : Amir Hosein Kargaran and Ali Sabri.
One worker who didn't want to be named said: "Regime sent riot forces to arrest 16 other workers who are currently among workers in the mine to escape persecution and one of them Hosein Tashakori is the president of Bafgh City Council. 
According to this person , these 18 workers are under arrest because of a complaint sent by employer.
The Bafgh Iron Ore workers left their job since Tuesday in protest to a broken promises earlier made by police chief not to arrest the workers and keep his promises .

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