Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Alert..........Alert.......Political Prisoner Arjang Dawoodi's Life in Great Danger !

Focusing on Iranian Political Prisoner  Arjang Dawoodi's Case !!

Arjang Dawoodi is an Iranian political prisoner ,he had spend 12 years of his life in different prisons , He is now at ward 12 of  Gohardasht - Karaj prison. He is being sentenced to death for carrying political activities inside the prison. Regime sentences political prisoners to death because of their political activities inside the prison , no one knows what it means , perhaps regime is trying to intimidate other political prisoners to "behave " ???!!! And that scares all human rights advocates around the world.
An Iranian in Tehran Writes on the wall No to the execution of Arjang Dawoodi 
In the past Mr. Dawoodi  was under intense interrogation and torture and several times he went on hunger strike .
Don't Let Islamic Regime in Iran Hang Arjang Dawwodi !

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