Saturday, August 30, 2014

Despite of All Measures by Islamic Regime in Iran to prevent family members of Those political Prisoners murdered in Mass killing and were Buried secretly in Khavaran Cemetery, the family members and friend gathered again in Khavaran to commemorate the memories of their loved one !

Reported by Mansoureh Behkish .
Mansoureh Behkish have lost six members of her family in the mass killing of the political prisoners in the summer of 1987-88 by Islamic regime in Iran. Islamic regime murdered political prisoners in mass by asking them three questions?
If they support Khomeini and his regime?
If they are moslem and do pray daily ?
If they are Marxist ?
The political prisoners lives depended on the answers they gave to three members of judges .
The political prisoners then were classified and those answered Marxist were sent to death row and were murdered in mass , according to a report close to 4000 young Iranian were murdered in a few weeks at the end of August and early september of 1987-88 and were buried hastily at night in mass grave at Khavaran cemetery .

Report in Excerpt -
With the coming of September one , the family members of those political prisoners murdered  and buried in mass planned to gather again at Khavaran. After close to seven years we were able to gather again at Khavaran. Although the number of family gathered compare to previous years were much less but it is important that we are gathered here to commemorate the memories of our loved one and display their pictures close to each other.  We are living under constant threat and force of a regime which does not understand any other means. It is important that we did not become disappointed in all these years and we continued to gather at Khavaran . Regime tried to divide among us ,but despite of our differences we showed our solidarity and unity to commemorate the memories of our loved one.

Although some mothers and fathers have passed away or become ill and could not attend but we will continue to do the event every year and after us the young people will continue to commemorate at Khavaran.
Because of our will and strength to do commemorate the event , finally regime has taken step backward at the end of Ahmadinejad's Government . .......

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